Want Fake Pregnancy Results? – Try The Apple Juice Pregnancy Test

When looking for methods that can help you to fake a pregnancy, the apple juice pregnancy test will appear in the top results certainly because of its high effectiveness and popularity among the users. Faking pregnancy isn’t an easy job and a woman can only be tested positive unless she actually is. However, there exist some ways with which the test results can be altered and one such solution is to directly fake the kit tests with the help of apple juice.

Continue to read if you want to know all about how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice.


apple juice pregnancy test

While pregnancies are a beautiful and satisfying experience for a lot of couples in the world, there are still a substantial number of couples who remain bereft of that happiness in their lives and have to try whatnot to get pregnant. A variety of medical issues either with the mother or the father are responsible for this and in some cases, there is no way they can be pregnant. Thus, we would say that it is somewhat unethical and insensitive to fake pregnancy as to reap the benefits out of very close emotion wrongs the ones who can’t have it.

Nevertheless, there are advantages of faking pregnancies and that is why some people choose to do so to reap those benefits. A lot of couples do so in cases of certain unavoidable situations. Following are the possible reasons behind this action:

  • The primary reason that women choose to do so is to get the attention and love of their partners. In many cases, abused women also do so to get better treatment at the house.
  • Women can avail of maternal holidays if there is an urgent and unavoidable need.
  • There are a lot of public and social benefits that pregnant women and you can get them too.
  • Women can enjoy the food they love as it is common for pregnant women to get random cravings.

There can be many other random reasons for which any woman would want to fake pregnancy. However, at the end of it, these are all fake reasons and will only give you short term results even for the things you want. Thus, before going ahead with apple juice pregnancy test you must calculate that your reasons are balanced with the expectations.

About the role of apple juice in pregnancy tests

Just like many fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in improving the health of pregnant women and their babies, apple juice also has a connection with female pregnancy but just in a different manner. While some fruits and juices can help one to acquire or lose pregnancy, apple juice helps you to fake a positive pregnancy. Sounds quite interesting right?

Many methods exist to help women fake positive pregnancies and to achieve the desired benefit out of that situation and apple juice is one of those methods. Before we begin with elaborating on the different aspects of how to fake a pregnancy test with the apple juice method, one very important thing that we would like to tell you is that there is no medical or scientific backing to this method of faking positive tests for pregnancy with apple juice. This apple juice pregnancy test has been used by people over time-based upon hear and say of its effectiveness.

Thus, it is not sure that the apple juice method would work for you for making you fake the pregnancy tests as positive. It may work for you or not and in that case, you may have to look for other methods to do so.

Method of using apple juice for faking a pregnancy

This experimental method doesn’t involve the drinking of apple juice by expecting women to get pregnant positively. By faking the test, we mean that the apple juice would help to show fake positive results on the test medium and this happens by the application of the juice directly on the test. However, this directly depends on the brand of the juice and the test kit.

We would suggest you first think over your decision of faking pregnancy carefully and go ahead only with this method when you have understood that the circumstances are unavoidable. If you are ready for it, then here is how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice.

Pick the right apple juice

For this method, you need to only use pure apple juice as the effectiveness of the test highly depends upon the consistency and quality of the juice that is being used. Make sure to check that the juice is unfiltered and made out of organic apples. The processed juices from the different juice brands just won’t serve the purpose.

In that case, the unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar is a great choice for this method as it the purest version of apple juice and it promises highly effective results.

Method of doing the experiment

Get your apple juice ready and then follow these steps:

  • Pour the juice into any container and then dip your pregnancy test medium into it.
  • Now, wait for exactly five to ten minutes, not less than that not more than that.
  • Check the results at the exact time. For the first time, check after five minutes exactly and then check after another exact five minutes if the first check didn’t yield any result.

You may get your fake positive pregnancy result.

Mechanism of the fake pregnancy via apple juice method

apple juice pregnancy test

The working of any standard pregnancy test kit involves the application of urine of the expecting women to the bare parts of the test medium. The test then detects the presence of the HCG hormones that are produced in the impregnated women’s bodies after implantation in the urine applied. If the level of this hormone in the urine is above the range of 25-50 mIU, then the test shows the two lines as turned red which means that the woman is pregnant.

The apple juice contains these HCG hormones which are found in the body of pregnant ladies. Also, the sugar levels present in the hormones of pregnant ladies and the apple juice are similar and that is the key component in this apple juice pregnancy test method.

Any pregnancy tests come out as positive when this HCG hormone is detected in the urine sample tested and. Thus, what happens is that when the apple juice is applied to the exposed parts of the test, it picks on the HCG hormone which is from the fake source, and gets mislead into producing positive pregnancy results.

There are certain enzymes present on the pregnancy test mediums that interact with the hormones of the applied fluid and produce results by changing the color of the strips. In this case, it is not the urine but the apple juice that interacts with these enzymes itself and leads to the production of fake results.


After having explained all the aspects of faking a pregnancy, we would recommend you to only go with the apple juice pregnancy test when you are clear that no controversies will get involved and your intentions aren’t close to any malice. Never prank your close ones with a fake pregnancy as the emotional consequences of it can be very detrimental to your relationship.

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