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Know when To Transplant Seedlings To Get The Best Crop

A process as challenging as transplantation requires a careful knowledge of when to transplant seedlings. It is, nonetheless, very beneficial for gardening enthusiasts and gives you the satisfaction of having full control over the plant growth at every stage. There are certain crucial things that you must know about seedling transplantation and we are going to help you with that in this article.

We will break down the entire process into simple sections to allow you to understand better. Read on.

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How To Grow Shiso from Seeds At Home – Beginner’s Guide

With a unique aroma and taste, shiso is a must-have thing in Japanese cuisine. Based on the plant variety, the flavor can include hints of cinnamon, mint, cumin, clove, cilantro, basil, and citrus. In stature, shiso resembles a large plant of basil and thus, the cultivation of shiso is quite similar to planting basil. Here, you will know how to grow shiso from seeds in your backyard.

Shiso plant is an annual variety with frilly, beautiful leaves. This annual plant is delicious and decorative too. Its botanical name is Perilla frutescens and other names are Japanese basil, beefsteak plant, and perilla. This plant is usually started from seeds. For enhancing germination, soak the shiso seeds in water for a day before sowing. Next, sow these seeds outdoors in your raised bed or garden. Shiso self-seeds readily and it prefers full sun.

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Know How To Grow Hops From The Seeds Rightly

The Hops plants are unique perennials that have various usages. The green blossoms and golden cones have such an appeal that many of you must want to learn how to grow hops so that you can have them in your backyard too. Although the plants can be started in various ways, we are going to tell you how to grow hops from seed.

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All How To Grow Onions At Home – Beginner’s Guide

Everyone is quite familiar with the edible bulbs, onions from the allium family. Due to their strong flavor, onions are a favorite of people in many cuisines. Also, onions are even known to offer a variety of health benefits. They regulate blood sugar levels, boost the immune system, and keep the cholesterol under control. Now, how to grow onions?

Growers can grow them along the garden beds’ edges and tuck them into corners. Here, you will get to know how to grow onions at home and other important aspects related to onion growing. It is easy to grow onions at home but takes patience. However, you will get onions that smell and taste better than the onions you get from the market.

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How To Grow Zucchini at Home – Beginner’s Guide

It has become quite popular to grow zucchini at home. This is because it is so easy to plant zucchini. Also, zucchini plants could produce a large amount of delicious squash. So, let’s see how to grow zucchini from seeds in your garden.

Usually, zucchini (Cucurbita pepo) emerges on a sprawling, big plants, which need a big garden space. However, with seeds bred specifically for container growing and a large container, space-challenged home gardeners can grow healthy zucchini with only a balcony or patio. Some of the compact zucchini varieties include Geode, Raven, Jackpot Hybrid, and Eight Ball. Gardeners can plant zucchini seeds in April, when temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit consistently.

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