How To Make The Best Banana Bread

Banana bread is certainly one of the few breads that everyone is sure to love. So, we will now look at exactly how you can make the best banana bread, every single time.

Select the best bananas

In order to make banana bread, you'll need to get bananas. The best bread is made from overripe bananas that have lots of black speckles. Remember, bananas have seeds - you don’t need to remove these.

In the event that you only have fresh bananas available, simply bake them with the peels still on for about 40 minutes at 150C so that their skin becomes black. Once cooked, cool, peel and use to make your banana bread.



You should always try to have a couple of ripe tomatoes in your freezer so that you always have when you're ready to make banana bread. So, if you have a couple of overripe bananas in your fruit bowl, simply put them in your freezer but make sure that you keep the skins on. When you freeze these bananas, the skins will naturally get black. However, once they have thawed a bit and you can peel the skins off, the banana itself would be just right for using to make banana bread or even a delicious smoothie.


You will definitely need buttermilk to make banana bread since the acid in it helps the bread to rise since it reacts with the flour's raising ingredients. However, if you don't have any buttermilk available, simply use a tablespoon of lemon juice or even vinegar and add to a cup of skim milk.

Be gentle

To make sure your banana bread has a good texture, you will need to gently mix the ingredients and avoid over-mixing. Its fine to have a couple of lumps because over-mixing will cause your finished banana bread to be a bit tough.

Use foil

Don't rush to cook your banana bread as quickly as you can. It may be difficult to get the perfect temperature since different ovens heat differently, so you should place some foil on top of the pan in case the loaf starts to brown prematurely.

Enjoy it in different ways

You can eat banana bread in many different ways. One delicious way you should try is by making French toast. All you need to do is get a couple of slices of banana bread and soak it in egg, vanilla and cream and then fry it in butter.


Once your bread is finished and you're ready to store it, make sure that you place it in an airtight container. This container can be left in room temperature for as many as 3 days. You can also wrap up each individual slice in plastic wrap or bags and store in the freezer. Once you're ready to eat a slice, remove from the freezer and allow it to defrost. Then, heat and enjoy.

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