Learn How To Store Dried Mushrooms With Simple Steps

Mushrooms are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and protein while delivering an extremely low-calorie count. Thus, it is no wonder why a lot of households try storing dried mushrooms for usage in the long run. But, unfortunately, not many of them have mastered the art of food storage and ruining it instead.

If you are struggling in the kitchen over this matter, then let’s look at this article. Here, we will talk about how to store dried mushrooms properly and make sure you can apply such knowledge in real life.


What You Need To Store Dried Mushrooms

Storing dried mushrooms requires a few items as listed below:

Airtight containers: Feel free to use glass canning jars with screw-on lids or resealable plastic bags. Try to get the highest quality containers possible, as they would directly affect the state of your mushrooms.

Labels: You would be surprised at how easy it is to lose track of time when it comes to food keeping. A piece of paper marking the date will help determine how long you have kept dried mushrooms.

Oxygen-absorbing packets: These are optional, just in case your house has a high humidity rate. The iron powder placed inside each packet is capable of sucking out the oxygen in the atmosphere, creating a favorable environment for a prolonged lifespan of dried mushrooms.

How To Store Dried Mushrooms - Step By Step Guide

Before diving into the detailed instructions, you might want to take a look at the overview of different mushroom storage options. Usually, mushrooms can be kept either in a fridge or out in the open. Each approach has its own pros and cons for extending dried mushrooms shelf life, so let’s examine both of these solutions.

How to dried mushrooms using a fridge

Step 1: Decide on your container. If you go for a glass canning jar, pick something that comes with a tight-fitting lid so that airflow is restricted to the maximum. For people choosing plastic bags, use your hands to squeeze the air out. Remember, plastic bags compatible with extremely low temperatures are usually thicker than plastic bags for everyday use, so do not mistake between the two types.

Step 2: Next up, remove the dried mushrooms from their original package to the container. Screw the lid or seal the opening of the plastic bag as firmly as you can. Also, there is a little reminder here for you. Sometimes, dried mushrooms are offered in already vacuumed packaging. If you do not plan on using them anytime soon, there is no need to open up and expose the mushrooms. You only have to repack the mushrooms in your containers after breaking the original packages' seal.

Step 3: Stick the written label on top of the lid or the outside of the bag. Put the container inside your fridge. You should choose a spacious corner where the dried mushrooms can rest comfortably without getting crushed by other items, as their textures are highly delicate.

How to store dried mushrooms at room temperature

How to store dried mushrooms at room temperature

Step 1: Like the previous process, getting the right type of containers is the most crucial factor. Any glass jars with fitting lids or sealable bags will suffice.

Step 2: Pour the dried mushrooms into the containers. If the storage area is a bit too moist, consider putting in a few packets of oxygen-absorbing substance as mentioned above. These tiny products help minimize humidity so that the dried mushrooms stay edible for a long time.

Step 3: Find a cool, dark corner in the cabinet and push the dried mushrooms in. Mushrooms do not take well to moisture, heat and lighting, so the best thing to do is to keep them away from any external source that might spoil them.


1. What is the ideal mushroom storage temperature?

Fresh mushrooms should be kept at around 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius in the freezer. Any higher and the bacteria and germs may rot the food. Vice versa, a lower temperature can result in chill damage.

For dried mushrooms, placing them in the cool fridge compartment is enough. The temperature should be set at no more than 41 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius.

2. How long do dried mushrooms last?

Keeping dried mushrooms in a freezer can help it last at least a year if done properly. Meanwhile, storing them outside only keeps the mushrooms consumable for approximately six to eight months. These numbers are reduced significantly should the container of dried mushrooms be placed somewhere warm and susceptible to lighting.

3. How to dry mushrooms at home?

First off, rinse the mushrooms under running water and botch them up until everything is clean. Next, place the mushrooms on a tray and preheat the oven for a few minutes. Then, put the tray inside the oven, setting a timer of 2 hours at 175 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 degrees Celsius. Once the process is oven, check them up and see if the mushrooms are completely dried. Next, find a colander and start air-drying the mushrooms for a few more days before packing them into containers for future use.

4. Can dried mushrooms go bad?

They can, especially if the storage is poorly executed. The key in ensuring the quality of dried mushrooms is to put them somewhere light, heat, and humidity are barely minimal.

5. How do you rehydrate dried mushrooms quickly?

How do you rehydrate dried mushrooms quickly

Submerging dried mushrooms under hot water for at least half an hour will do the job. But be mindful that while this trick is less time-consuming, it definitely tampers with the taste and smell of the food.

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Now that you have finished the guidelines on how to store dried mushrooms, extending their shell life seems easier than ever. Do not forget to follow our advice next time you want to have a go at this procedure!

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