4 Ways to Store Your Pots and Pans

You love to cook, but recently your kitchen has been feeling cluttered. You have plenty of pots and pans to use but nowhere to put them! As a result, you've felt a bit overwhelmed by the thought of cooking. You watch the veggies you buy in good faith wilt away weekly, and you know you have to devise a plan to get yourself out of your kitchenware storage rut; that's where we come in to help! We have a list of four tips and tricks on perfectly storing your pots and pans so you have more room to cook comfortably in your kitchen. No more stalling; it's time to get in the kitchen!


But First: Ensure You Have the Best Cookware

Before discussing the best ways to store your pots and pans, we must consider the importance of investing in good cookware. You don't want to settle for cheap pots and pans only to have them wear down in a short period. Instead, you'll want to find yourself a set of sturdy ceramic non-stick pans that will make cooking a breeze and stand up to the test of time.

While other types of non-stick pots and pans are available, many of them use a coating that can contain harmful chemicals that can be released into your food if the cookware is scratched or misused. Ceramic coating is naturally non-stick, making it safe to put on cookware. Plus, ceramic non-stick coating allows you to cook efficiently with fewer oils, helping you make your meals just as healthy as they are delicious. 

1. Hang Your Pots and Pans on the Wall

If you have limited cabinet storage in your kitchen, it's time to use the walls! Pot rails are metal bars you can install onto your walls that your pots can hang from using metal hooks. With a pot rail, you can maximize your storage space by using blank wall space. Additionally, your pot rail can act as a focal design piece of your kitchen, making it both a functional and fashionable solution.  

2. Install a Pot Rack on the Ceiling

An alternative to using wall space to store your pans is installing a pot rack on your ceiling to have your pots and pans hang down from. Pot racks are great if you've got an island in your kitchen that they can hang over. Pot racks are similar to pot rails as they allow your pots and pans to hang freely with hook attachments. However, pot racks are typically more prominent and allow things to be stored on top of them. Just be mindful of how low you hang your pot rack. You want to ensure you have enough space so you don't hit your head on any pots or pans that might be bigger or hang lower.

3. Put Your Pots and Pans on Display

If you want to make an art piece from your pot and pan collection, you can display them using a vertical pot rack. A vertical pot rack acts like an open standing shelf for your cookware, so you can easily see and grab the pot or pan you need. If you have a variety of fun colored pots and pans, a vertical pot rack is a great way to display your cookware and make a bold kitchen design choice. Vertical pot racks also tend to be narrow, so you don't have to worry about them taking up too much kitchen space.

4. Store Your Lids Separately

Another great way to conserve cookware storage space is by storing your lids separately from your pans. For instance, you could put small hooks inside your cabinet doors to hang your pot and pan lids without taking up much-needed shelf space. Alternatively, you could get yourself a small kitchen organizer that you could use to stack your lids and keep them all in one place, allowing you to nest your pots and pans on top of each other.


When looking to revamp your cookware storage, you've got to get innovative with your space. To store your pots and pans more efficiently, consider hanging them from a pot rail, a pot or vertical rack, or keeping your lids separate. You'll feel more comfortable cooking by reducing the clutter in your kitchen. Additionally, you'll want to invest in sturdy ceramic non-stick cookware, so you know that your pots and pans will be built to last.

Tom Rico

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