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Learn How To Store Celery for Making It Last Longer

When it is crisp and fresh, a stalk of celery could be a nice addition to a bloody mary. However, sometimes, if you are being realistic, often celery is limp, wilted, and chewy. That’s not good because then your cocktail will be less impressive than it could have been. One can avoid this because it is fairly easy to keep your celery crispy and fresh. But, how to store celery? All you need to do is correctly store the celery. With a few know-hows, you can comprehend how to keep this misunderstood and often-finicky vegetable at its best.

Celery is anactual workhorse in the kitchen but we rarely use the entire bunch in a single cooking session. Many recipes need just one or two ribs and when you get to the rest, it is often mushy and limp. Storing celery rightly prevents wilting and helps keep this vegetable crisp. Celery tastes better when it is firm and crunchy. Using some simple tricks, you can make it last a bit longer. So, here are some best ways to store celery for keeping it crisp and fresh for a longer time.

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How to Get Rid of Rose Chafer Beetles – Beginner’s Guide

When it is the time for early summer, it is also the time for the invasion of rose chafer beetles. Gardens having sandy soil are particularly hit hard by them. The term ‘rose chafer’ is quite misleading as these insects are not just attracted to roses but also eat the flowers and leaves of many other plants.

Rose chafer insects are tan with a green-colored cast, having short antennae and reddish-orange legs. These beetles are around a ½-inch long when they mature and become strong fliers. In June, rose chafer beetles come out from the soil, where they pupate and start feeding on all things in sight. Sometimes, you will come across plants having fully covered with these beetles.

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Everything To Know About Portland Nursery Apple Festival

Fall is definitely in the air in Portland here. One of the most-loving fall activities in Portland is the Portland Nursery Apple Tasting Festival. When it is time for leaves to start changing their color, it is when we celebrate the abundance of pears and apples. Portland Nursery Apple Festival is something you could not miss if apples are what you share a love for.

At this festival, you will come across a wide variety of pears and apples. In total, there are over 60 varieties. You can taste these apples and buy them by the pound. Apart from the tasting lines, you will cherish the fresh-pressed cider demonstration as well as tasting too. All of these activities will be open to the public throughout all six days of this apple festival.

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Learn More About Reemay- The Multipurpose Fabric

Have you been seeing your neighbor spread a white cover over their crops? Well, that is the Reemay polyester cover meant to protect the crop from frost damage. This sounds too simple but there are many other benefits of this covering.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about the particular fabric and associated aspects.

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Learn The Art Of Drying Peppers To Increase Their Storage Life

Chili pepper seasoning and flavoring is an integral part of almost all the cuisine cultures in the world. It is due to this high popularity that the cooking experts around the world came out with several ways of drying peppers so that they become usable for longer and better. The resulting dried peppers are even hotter and amazingly flavorful.

Lets us move ahead towards the article where we share the best methods to dry the chili peppers and other related info.

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How to Store Cabbage for Incredible Texture and Taste

Cabbage has been a popular winter vegetable that takes time to fully mature. Early cabbage varieties are more vulnerable to splitting as compared to the longer maturing kinds. However, it depends on the weather conditions too. For preventing splitting, it is better to harvest cabbage when its head is firm. Most gardeners harvest cabbage due to the versatility of fresh use.

Cabbage does well if you store it well. If you create the right environment for cabbage, it stays fresh for weeks and even months. Here, we are going to explore how to store cabbage in the best way. However, if you have a root cellar at home, you can use that space to store cabbage for the winter. So, have a look at some storage tips here!

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Everything You Need To Know About Hornworm Caterpillars

If you have ever grown tomatoes, then you may have seen green-colored caterpillar pests. These are usually two main pest species, tobacco hornworms and tomato hornworms. These species can be found in southern Canada and various regions of the United States. These big, green insects can damage the tomato crop in no time. Not just that, but they feed on other plants in the nightshade family like tobacco, potatoes, bell peppers, and eggplants. Hornworm caterpillars blend easily with the green foliage and eat non-stop, while creating chewed and spotty fruits and leaves.

Hornworm caterpillars belong to the Sphingidae moth family. They are called hornworms due to their horn-like projections at the eighth abdominal segment’s end. These pests are known for their horns and large size than other species. Some, such as tobacco and tomato hornworms are the most common pests.

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