The Best Vegetables To Juice That You Must Include In Your Diet!

Juices have come down to becoming an integral part of the workout as well as health regimes promoted by nutritionists and this is why you may have come to the web looking for the best vegetables to juice as veggies are the best sources of natural plant nutrition. We are going to elaborate on the best vegetables for juicing and the things that need to be taken care of.


Benefits of juicing vegetables

While the raw or cooked consumption of vegetables is mostly recommended by diet experts as well as nutritionists, most people fail to do that because of the fast lifestyle and busy routine. In such cases, the consumption of quick meals becomes a preferred choice, and vegetable juices are a great option. Following are the major advantages of juicing vegetables and consuming them:

  • Juices can be prepared quickly and are easy to consume as compared to eating and preparing a bowl of veggies. One can skip cutting and cooking the veggies and juice them instead all at once.
  • Juices can be prepared with many veggies mixed and that increases the number of nutrients that the body gets at once.
  • Juices are easy to digest as well as absorbed better by the body as the body doesn’t have to process the nutrients separately.
  • Juices have higher water content and they restore the hydration levels of the body faster.
  • You can consume juices for specific weight and health management targets as they are sometimes better than raw veggies for that.

Top juicing vegetables that you can try

There are a lot of vegetables that are good for juicing and you will be surprised to see the list as most of them are the ones that are a common part of any kitchen. Here are some of the best vegetables for juicing.


best vegetables to juice

This vegetable is known for its highly low calorific content that doesn’t add up any sugars to your body while only improving the health of your body. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant with many other nutrients like vitamins, calcium, etc. It is good for people suffering from conditions like weak immunity, arthritis, weak bones, poor digestion, etc.


This is the most easily digestible veggies out of all the best vegetables to juice and can be altered to the flavor of your liking too by adding other vegetables since spinach has a neutral taste. It belongs to the category of superfoods and is full of vitamins which are good for the prevention of cancer and other medical issues.


If you are looking for the best vegetable to juice that also have the goodness of detoxification, then cucumber is the single great option because of its 95% water content. It injects your body with high levels of liquid that throws out the toxins from your body and leads to improvement of the kidney and liver at their functioning.


Yet another vegetable that is high in water content and gives a very supple textured juice is Celery that gives a great taste to any other juice recipe when added. Both the leaves and stalk of Celery can be juiced in any high powered blender and you can add it to any recipe for boosting the health benefits of the final drink.


best vegetables to juice

Out of all the green vegetables that we have listed for juicing, cabbage might be the most unexpected one for you but this cruciferous veggie is rich in nutrients that make it a health booster addition to many juice recipes. Each cabbage juice serving gives you a high dose of Vitamin C, K, B6, manganese, folate, etc.


Slightly underrated but broccoli is one of the best veggies for juicing that are able at providing a plethora of health benefits. Many crucial micronutrients like Vitamin A, C, B6, potassium, kaempferol, etc are abundantly present in broccoli that makes it good at fighting free radicals, reduce inflammation, and also give cancer-fighting benefits.


This is one of the rare vegetables that people know about but Kohlrabi is another great cruciferous vegetable that has the least calorie content and is good for consumption for diabetics. It has high levels of vitamins, copper, proteins, and other micronutrients that make it very good at prevention of cancerous growth in the body.


The colorful juice of carrot not only looks appealing but also empowers your body with great nutrition via elements like beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin K, fiber, etc. Eye health boost is one of the major benefits of carrot consumption along with lowering cholesterol levels, etc.


This vegetable is primarily used as a taste and nutrition enhancer in many vegetable juice recipes but also makes an energy booster when juiced singly. It is rich in nutrients like nitrates, potassium, manganese, folate, etc. Beet juice improves blood pressure, mental health, and boosts stamina too.


This is one of the best vegetables to juice that has grown into high popularity in recent times with the focus on superfoods for maximum nutritional advantages. Juicing is the only way to consume wheatgrass and the result will be the addition of 17 amino acids, iron, magnesium, copper, etc. to your body that acts as a building block for the body’s health.


While tomatoes make various dishes tangy in flavor, they are also staples for juicing as well as they are rich in nutrients like folate, potassium, Vitamin C, lycopene, etc. Tomato juice is a great choice for athletes who want to reduce inflammation instantly. It is also good for boosting metabolism, fertility, and cancer prevention.

Sweet potato

A juice that is sweet but not sweet is that of the sweet potato which has very few calories and it can serve to be the best diet juice for people who don’t want to compromise on their flavorful cravings. Sweet potato has a rich amount of Vitamin A, C, copper, iron, folate, calcium, fiber, etc. that makes it able at preventing issues like obesity, cancer, constipation, anxiety, stress, bone disorder, etc.

Precautions to be followed while juicing vegetables

Including vegetable juices in the diet is a great practice but there are certain things that you must be cautious about while consuming and juicing the vegetables. Here are some of the concerns:

  • Before juicing any veggies and including them in your diet daily, make sure to check if they have any potential side effects. This becomes especially important when you have any medical condition and certain vegetables may aggravate the situation.
  • There are a lot of veggies that only taste or benefit better when added to smoothies or other recipes. You mustn’t juice them separately, some examples being figs, bananas, berries, rhubarb, etc.
  • Some veggies or their leftovers must never go into the juices like papaya peels, carrot greens, apple seeds, citrus rinds, pits, etc.
  • Make sure to never over-consume juices of green veggies as a huge amount of goitrogens and oxalates can cause various health problems.


Not all are the best vegetables to juice and you have to be careful about the ones that you pick because juicing certain vegetables don’t prove good for health and should only be consumed raw. Other than that, veggies are great health boosters and it’s a great idea to keep them included in the diet in whatever form possible.

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