Best Gingerbread Cookies Recipes – Marry Christmas!

For someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, the holiday season means another year is coming to an end. As in 2011, I will take a blog break until February. It's the darkest time with a couple of hours of daylight that makes photography so, instead I focus on recipe development (gingerbread cookies recipes) and hopefully return next year with renewed enthusiasm.


gingerbread cookies recipes

Thank you for visiting the blog, participating in the conversation through comments, and exchanging private letters with me. I appreciate your comments and appreciate your encouragement and good wishes. Even though I'm a new blogger who still defines a point of view, you have been patient and understanding. I hope I couldn't offer you something useful too. With these traditional Finnish recipes (gingerbread cookies recipes), I wish you a warm and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year!

Let's start with the joulutorttu (Christmas puff pastry), a puff pastry the size of a palm tree, in the shape of a star, flower, or crescent moon, there are usually plums in the middle, but any other jam that can be baked will do it does work too. I used butter, flour, and cream (gingerbread cookies recipes). Remember to keep it as cold as possible when brushing the cakes! When it's hot it's impossible to manipulate.

As for the instructions on how to shape the dough into small flowers, sorry, both my visual and written aids, unfortunately, I haven't been able to explain any of them, although I guarantee they are easier to make than to do. When you have lots of little squares with slits on the edges and jams in the middle, this is the best way to figure out how to fold them correctly! Hopefully, these instructions will help you.

There is no house in this country that does not serve mulled wine, Glögi, during the winter holidays. My alcohol-free version is based on black currant juice and is enriched with orange, lemon, lime, fresh ginger, and hot spices. It's exactly what you can enjoy when you come home from a blizzard.

I've already made three batches of Piparkakku, gingerbread cookies recipes. I love the combination of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. Sometimes gingerbread cookies recipes get thick and tough, sometimes thin and crispy. Mostly decorated with a mixture of lemon juice and powdered sugar, they are just as pretty to look at as they are to eat. I filled mine with white chocolate, which is easier but not the best idea considering the chocolate stays soft at room temperature.

gingerbread cookies recipes

I've found that the tastiest gingerbread cookies recipes are made from finely ground whole grain magic. However, I wouldn't use flour that has a lot of bran in it. All-purpose flour is widely used.

Here is a simple design for those of you looking to build a gingerbread house. If you plan and cut patterns in advance, you will get a functional architecture. The pieces are glued with melted sugar. It's a process that requires quick hands! One tip you will like: decorate the parts before assembling the house!

This is the house of my dreams. Well, except that I wished for more windows! Having a home would always have a slight scent of wood and camphor. The ornaments would be made of cow dung! What would the house of your dreams look like?

Stay warm, do good and be satisfied! See you soon.

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