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Here is something that we all can celebrate! Your protein problem has been resolved. It is now possible to get your protein wherever you like, whenever you like, and without any fuss or mess. Make protein gummies at home and get your daily dose of protein hassle-free.

It is super easy to make healthy gummies at home. So, find here some cool protein gummies recipes that can assist you in hitting your protein goals. Before that, let’s discover why you should go with protein gummies!


protein gummies

Protein gummies are the best option for various reasons. These gummies contain gelatin that has lots of health benefits, such as boosting fat burning, curbing the appetite, strengthening bones, improving digestion, detoxing the liver, improving sleep, reducing allergies, making skin glow, speeding up wound healing, healing joints, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, reducing arthritis pain, and more. Now, let’s read some of the benefits of eating protein gummiesbelow:

Enjoy vegan protein in healthy packages

Protein acts as a great weight-loss nutrient. This is because it assists in delaying hunger for a longer period. Protein also has other valuable functions. It helps the body in preserving lean muscle mass when you lose weight. Thus, you keep up the metabolism while burning fat. Also, protein is quite necessary for healing wounds, which helps people who had undergone weight loss surgery.

Get protein anytime anywhere

One can take healthy protein gummies anywhere anytime for a quick snack. Now, you can start your morning with a protein punch if you are running late. Plus, it is the best way to refuel your muscles with some protein gummies after a workout. These can be easily stashed in a gym bag. At the same time, you can avoid sugary candies by opting for protein gummies, when someone offers you a treat at your workplace.

Eat ingredients that your body love

Several protein supplements arrive in sugary packages or with sweeteners, artificial flavors, or colors. By making protein gummies at home, you do not have to consume all these. Choose ingredients that your body love. Go for dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and fat-free protein gummies!

Choose your favorite flavors

It does not matter how healthy your protein is if it does not taste good on eating. If you want it to be tasty, then choose the flavors that you like. You can make protein gummies in so many delicious flavors that you are going to love. Choose anything from banana and kiwi to papaya and berries.

Perfect source of fiber

Fiber could be in a short supply while you lose weight. Usually, you get only half of the suggested amounts of fiber or even get less if you cut certain foods from the diet for losing weight. The fiber shortage could be a shame as fiber comes with various benefits. It helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels so you get fewer hunger pangs and energy swings.

Also, fiber assists you in keeping you regular and lowering cholesterol levels. Each serving of protein gummies contains fiber more than the amount that a person requires in a day.

So, these are some of the benefits of eating protein gummies. However, it is not safe to eat protein gummies bought at the store. There are various reasons why you should not. The gummies you purchase from the store are loaded with preservatives, artificial flavors, and chemicals. So, make them at home by following the recipes listed below!

Best Protein Gummies Recipes to Try at Home

Honey Protein Gummies

protein gummies

Do you know that gelatin is an amazing protein source? Gelatin promotes joint health and healthy thyroid functionality. Gelatin could strengthen your bones, fingernails, joints, and also enhance skin and hair quality. Not just that, but gelatin even supports healthy bowel movements and stimulates the production of collagen.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian or do not like gelatin, then you can replace it with agar agar powder. This powder is a common replacement for gelatin. For making vegan protein gummies, you can add 1½ teaspoons of agar agar powder to a cup of liquid. This powder is a plant-based product, which is quite an advantage. Also, this power does not melt when you store outside it of the fridge.

Now, read the recipe below to make 100 protein gummies.


  • Your favorite berries (or a freshly-prepared fruit smoothie) – ½ cup
  • Plain yogurt – 1 cup
  • Flavored whey protein – 2 scoops (Strawberry or Vanilla)
  • Honey or stevia
  • Organic gelatin packets (unflavored) – 3 packets of 7g
  • Boiling water – 1 cup


  • Initially, puree the berries in a blender.
  • After that, put in yogurt, whey protein, and honey or stevia in a large bowl until it is even and smooth.
  • After you have prepared these two, boil the water and then, put in the unflavored gelatin. Mix it well until the gelatin fully dissolves. Next, whisk and pour in the pureed berries.
  • Finally, pour the gelatin/fruit mixture into the protein/yogurt mixture. Stir well until it is smooth.
  • Next, pour the mixture into molds. If you do not have molds, then go with ice cube trays. You will need a lot of molds as this recipe will produce 100 protein gummies.
  • Put the molds in the fridge and wait for about an hour.
  • Now, your protein gummies are all set. Remove them using a butter knife or cake lifter. Enjoy your delicious homemade protein gummies!

Berry Lemonade Protein Gummies

Almost everyone loves gummies and if you love them too, then making these delicious candies at home is something you can look forward to. This homemade recipe is made with lemon juice and strawberry. Of course, you can go with your favorite fruit flavor and use any mold for getting the shape you like.

For making this recipe, you will either need a blender or a food processor. This recipe will yield 24 protein gummies depending on the mold you are using or the way you cut them. It takes just 45 minutes to prepare this recipe.


  • Lemon juice – ½ cup
  • Honey – ¼ cup
  • Strawberry juice – 2 cups
  • Gelatin – 6 tbsp


  • In the first place, divide the strawberry juice. Pour half the juice into a sauce pan and the rest into a large bowl.
  • Now, you need to put gelatin into the bowl with the strawberry juice. Let the gelatin sit and dissolve well in the juice. It will eventually solidify.
  • At a low-temperature, add the bowl mix to the saucepan. Stir well until all the things are smoothly combined.
  • Next, put in honey. Stir well until it gets dissolved with the mixture in the saucepan.
  • Now, pour this mixture into the candy molds. If you do not have candy molds, then you can use any refrigerator-safe pan.
  • Let the mixture sit and cool down for around 30 minutes.
  • Now, store them in the fridge or just at room temperature.

Kids and adults are definitely going to love these homemade protein gummies. Enjoy them anytime anywhere!

Now, watch this video to find another simple recipe for protein gummies!


So, protein gummies are something that everyone is going to love. Make these yummy treats at home by following the different recipes listed below. You can use any flavor that you like and any shape that you admire. These little candies are super easy to make. Now, whenever you crave a treat, pop in these delicious homemade protein gummies. If you are still not sure how to make protein gummies, post your query in the comment section below!

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