Know And Try Out The Purple Vegetables To Enter Into A Newer Health World!

We have been accustomed to hearing tales about the green vegetables being as wonderful even as to be the reason behind the power of many heroes. However, guess Purple has become the new green with the emergence of the purple vegetables. We know you are surprised and want to know more, so here is a full and wholesome dose of the purple veggies that are rocking the health world with their spectacular uniqueness and benefits.


purple vegetables

With the purple food hitting health world headlines, a lot of health enthusiasts are trying to investigate more into these foods and how they can be benefited from these foods. Well, to understand it simply, purple foods can be seen as those health foods that can give you a boosted nutrition than the regular intake of five portions of regular vegetables and fruits. Now, the question arises as to what makes them so special?

The answer to it lies in a compound called Anthocyanin that occurs naturally in many plants. It is similar to many other plant pigments that give the colors to the vegetables and fruits but who would guess this plant going a step ahead with even imparting health benefiting properties to the produces it exists in. The Anthocyanin compound gives the distinctive hues of purple, blue, and red to many vegetables and fruits along with a bright texture.

Health benefits of the purple produce

You can already see a lot of purple vegetable names emerging in the endorsements made by a lot of nutritional experts and companies. However, there is a need for further and deeper research for the health benefits of Anthocyanin-rich produce to be established conclusively. A lot of researches from the past have attached various benefits to these foods and some even called them the Superfoods.

Despite all of the debate going around, there are certain health benefits of the purple foods that have been agreed upon concisely, and here is a list of them:

  • The Anthocyanin is a type of antioxidant compound that fights the free radicals and promotes many health benefits like healthy aging, memory improvement, toxin flush out, etc.
  • These foods help in the boosting of blood circulation that helps in the alleviation of many skin related problems along with adding glow to it.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of these foods have also been supported as they help in preventing heart conditions, immunity issues, arthritis, diabetes, etc.
  • These foods are good for the heart as they hit high cholesterol and also keep the blood pressure stable.
  • The liver is also one organ that benefits a lot from the purple veggies as they heal the damage done to it along with strengthening it.
  • Some of them even help in lowering the risk of cancerous growth in the body.
  • Consuming purple foods also prevents urinary tract infections by killing bacteria.

10 best purple vegetables you must try

Here is the purple vegetables list from which you can pick the ones that you want to try or maybe give a try to all of them and then see which one suits your taste.


This name is equivalent to a powerhouse of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, etc. that makes it a superfood as can be gauged from the enormous health benefits it provides. Boosting metabolism, lowering blood pressure, preventing inflammation, boosting blood formation, etc. are some of the great ways beetroot helps.

Sweet potatoes

This is one vegetable that has been a major part of many oriental cuisines as it helped in the maintenance of the physical and mental health of the people. They have been found to contain a rich amount of antioxidants that make them great additions for smoothies and curries.


The purple variety of potatoes has a boosted health status than its traditional counterpart with around 2-4 times higher antioxidant levels. Consuming these purple potatoes can help to stabilize your blood pressure.


This purple variant of traditional green cauliflower has got even better nutritional stature with a boosted proportion of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and lots more. These elements keep you safe from the risk of cancer and heart diseases.


The Anthocyanin and antioxidant score of the purple asparagus are way higher in the league as this one single vegetable contains two types of primary compounds of the former and even stronger proportions of the latter nutrient. The existence of a rich amount of Vitamin C on the top of it makes the vegetable a true superfood.


This is one big purple vegetable that can be prepared in any form of edible treat and still be low on calories. The rich amount of antioxidants present in it can help to normalize the cholesterol levels in your body along with the fiber, minerals, and vitamins helping weight control.


The purple cabbage is also referred to as the red cabbage sometimes due to the differential hues that appear sometimes. This veggie is full of so many nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and loads of anti-oxidants that explain the health benefits it has for people with diabetes and many other health issues.


The first carrot that was ever cultivated had the purple hue itself which means that it was the purple carrot that is the original one and the rest are just mutants. This carrot is a great antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory farm produce that works wonders for people who have a blood sugar problem.


purple vegetables

Other than the nutritional value that the food carries, the color of this corn is a great factor that attracts the health-conscious a lot. It is not one phytonutrient that is present in this corn but a variety of them as well as the anthocyanins and phenolics which make the anti-oxidant score of the produces very high. Incorporate in your recipes for a boosted color and nutrient today.


Out of the many purple vegetables names, you will find the one of Ube very distinctive but let us tell you that it is our very old and favorite yam which is a staple of the world of Filipino cuisine. You can make both sweet and savory dishes out of it and get a boost of fibers without accruing any fat. It is very easy to add this vegetable to the daily diet.

Tips on incorporating the purple vegetables

The way of having these superfoods isn’t very straightforward as you may tend to think. However, special foods do better when incorporated into the diet in a better and designed way. Here are some tips on the ways you can use these foods to maximize their benefits:

  • The first step towards making the purple produces a part of your diet is to start growing or buying them on purpose and replacing your traditional produce with them. Combine the purple hue with red, blue, orange, and much other colored produce for amplifying the nutrient discharge.
  • You can choose to dedicate some part of your garden or backyard to growing the purple vegetables and then consuming the regular harvest as a reward. This is a better and more interesting way to include these superfoods in the diet as it won’t feel compulsive and help the adjustment better.
  • Salads are the best way to start eating these vegetables. Replace the traditional greens with the purple leafy veggies and try out these creative recipes with them.
  • While cooking or preparing the purple farm produces in any way, try not removing the skins on them as they are the major source of the nutrition and fibrous value of the individual vegetables and even the fruits. Just wash them thoroughly and scrub the body of the veggies to let it remain flavorful and nutritionally intact too.
  • When it comes to cooking certain vegetables to make them consumable, it is important to ensure that they don’t lose their phytonutrients as some of them are sensitive to heat and water. Only steam-cook or roast such veggies for not stripping their major nutritional element.


This was all about the amazing purple vegetables that are surely going to change the whole way you see healthy diets. It is not just the color of these vegetables but the great and unique nutritional score too that makes them a short-cut to reach the goal of fitness and better health. Try out some of these purple veggies soon and share with us how you had them.

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