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 For a bhakti-yogi, on a daily basis is an event. Celebration is a state of mind. It is an attitude by which we view, act as well as experience reality. A long-term liberation from suffering is a state of awareness. It is readily available for everybody, in spite of the outside conditions. Out of lack of knowledge we are prone at fault others-- either individuals or situations-- for the bad luck that comes our way. Whatever fortune we fulfill, we take personal credit for. Nevertheless, joy and sadness are yet 2 sides of the very same coin. Like transforming periods, they show up and also vanish in the cycle of time. There is a degree of existence that is unaffected by such temporary dualities. Learn how to make sweet gaura purnima makes life rewarding and also joyous.


make sweet gaura purnima

In the medieval Bengal there were several sages that showed self-realization. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the most noticeable. Gaura Purnima is an annual event dedicated to him. This year it coincided with the International Women's Day. Mahaprabhu's message is that we are guys or ladies just by outfit. The equal rights, endless time, understanding and also blissfulness of soul concern all species of life, not just human. It protests the nature's law to suppress any living entity. A reality easily forgotten, would not you concur?

Besides innovative culture as well as viewpoint, Bengalis are understood for their milk desserts! Particularly those made from chenna cheese. To the pleasure as well as honour of the Bengali vaishnavas (Vishnu-bhaktas) led by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, I cooked down ten litres of natural full-fat milk for misthi doi, sabudana payesh, rasgolla, sandesh and also Ganga-Yamuna laddoo. I really did not have an opportunity to picture the misthi doi, which is thick, wonderful yogurt. I will certainly upload the recipe another time. Instead, I will certainly share a cream burfi dish. It is an alteration of the conventional Vrndavan peda. Because the milk as well as goor (hand sugar) separated from the ghee throughout the eleventh hours of boiling, I included a little milk powder as well as fresh cream to it. It ended up fantastic and also tasted authentic.

As anticipated of anything steamed and taken in syrup, rasgolla is a hyper-sweet dessert. To make it fresher and less intense, I included orange juice and enthusiasm to it. The flavours taken in perfectly(gaura purnima).

Fresh blossom garlands are tied as a token of devotion towards those loved and appreciated.

If you are not a friend of kheer (wonderful rice), you might be pleasantly amazed by sabudana payesh. It is lighter but equally soulful. During the spiritually important days, like Gaura Purnima, Janmashtami as well as Ekadasi (twice a month), we fast, chef and also banquet without grains. Sabudana refers to either pudding or sago pearls. For payesh tapioca works much better.

While mixing and also boiling down the milk I amused myself by the thoughtful narration of Sri Caitanya Caritamrta by Krsna Das Kaviraj Gosvami. It is an interesting portrayal of easy living and high thinking in rural Bengal and Orissa, tape-recorded concerning five hundred years earlier.

Ganga-Yamuna laddoo obtains the name from the famous divine rivers of India. It is also known as manohara laddoo. Luscious burfi is wrapped in damp, soft sandesh. I added baked almonds to the burfi as well as rolled the laddoos in finely cut almonds and raw sugar-powder.

Every prominent occasion begins with an advantageous sound of a sacred conch, shankha(gaura purnima).

Waking up prior to dawn, bathing and quietly meditating on a rosary, japa-mala, calms the awareness. With a web content and clear mind it is a satisfaction to cook lotion as well as milk sweets for hours.

The scent of natural Radha-Madhava incense made by the monks of Mayapur detoxifies our residence.

Thank you for participating in the festive state of mind!(gaura purnima).

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