Organic Weed Killer For Lawns: Kill The Weeds Not The Earth

Is your backyard a breeding ground for all sorts of weeds? Is your lawn growing into one forest floor with different species of weeds outgrowing the grass? Does your lawn needs caring but it’s simply too much? I like the natural way of doing things. If you’re like me, I am sure you’d prefer an organic weed killer for lawns. It is better to not introduce any chemical weed killer for the health of your lawn and your family and pets that often spend some quality time on the lawn.

Don’t worry, I have been there. My backyard is a very important part of my home. I just love to simply lie down or walk barefoot in velvet green grass, play with my kids on the lawn, and watch my dog perform summersaults on a sunny afternoon.

But, weeds are simply a patch of pain in all these simple joys of life on the lawn.

One of the most trusted and natural ways of getting rid of weeds in your lawn while being considerate of Earth is by going organic.


Why do we need to kill weeds?

We have often struggled to keep weeds out of our lawns and gardens. Weeds are significant problems, considering the fact they tend to compete for water and nutrients, thus compromising the quality and health of the grass in our lawns. Weeds also increase the chances of diseases by giving a way to pests.

organic weed killer for lawns

Why go for an organic weed killer for lawns over chemical ones?

People have used chemicals for ages to eradicate weeds, enhance the quality of their land, and reduce the labor. But, the use of chemicals has resulted in increased health and environmental problems. In many cases, the land on which the chemical is being used retains the harmful effects of chemicals for a long time.

In some cases, it has also been found that various weed species have developed resistance to these chemicals and have started to dominate the patch of land. In addition, some chemicals tend to damage everything that comes in contact with them, including the microorganisms and micronutrients that are good for the soil, thus harming the overall health of the soil.

The organic approach to killing weeds is not a quick or instant solution but it does work and maintains your lawn’s health. Organic weed killers only kill weeds and do not compromise on the health of your loved ones and your pets. Moreover, natural killers are good for the water quality as chemicals often seep-in the soil, contaminating the surface and groundwater.

How to grow and maintain a healthy and organic lawn?

It is important to understand that the organic way of killing weeds in your lawn would not eliminate the weeds entirely but it can manage them in a healthy way. The organic approach is quite holistic as it maintains the soil’s health and nurtures the grass.

This is pre-requisite to having a healthy lawn where grass outgrows weeds. The following exercises would help you grow and maintain a healthy lawn where weed management is better and efficient:

Water deeply and at right intervals: Water enough and deeply so that the right amount of moisture is maintained in the soil and the water reaches the roots of the grass. This helps the grass to remain green and healthy even in hot weather. Watering at right intervals, depending on the local soil and weather conditions, is more important than watering too often.

Don’t mow too short: If you mow your lawn too short, the weeds will outgrow the grass as small grass takes a long time to grow. Keep the grass a little tall while using the lawn mower.

Dig holes in your lawn for better aeration: Digging holes of about 2-3 inches deep in your lawn can provide better air circulation and loose soil for your grass to grow. The biodiversity, microorganisms, and micronutrients are well-maintained, thus enhancing the quality of the grass. If you have small and medium-sized lawns, then you can go for this Agri-Fab 45-0299 Tow Plug Aerator.

Use your kitchen and garden waste as compost for healthy grass: Composting of kitchen and garden waste enhances the soil nutrients, maintains the right pH level of the soil, prevents washing away of the top layer of the soil, and enhances the water-retaining ability of the soil.

Recycle the grass: Reuse your grass clippings created by mowing or cutting by simply leaving them in your lawn. This improves the texture of the soil, helps in retaining water for a longer duration, and decomposes and enhances the soil’s nutrients.

Top 10 Organic Weed Killers for Lawns

All your efforts for maintaining a healthy lawn would be incomplete if you skip using weed control measures. It is important that while maintaining the health of the lawn, one should consider using organic methods rather than chemical ones. The following are ways for eliminating weeds organically:

organic weed killer for lawns


Yes, you heard it right! Acetic acid, the main component of vinegar, has plant-killing properties and is quite efficient in killing weeds. The vinegar in our kitchen cabinets consists of around 5 percent acetic acid, which is mild and might require you to repeat the process a few times. You could opt for buying something stronger.

Vinegar is a great organic lawn weed killer as it is easy to use and cheap as well but it kills everything that comes in contact with it, including plants.

To save your healthy plants from getting destroyed, try using a brush to apply the vinegar directly to the weed plants. A sunny day is much better for this as rains might wash away the vinegar. It stinks as well, so keep your nose covered.

The commercial vinegar with more concentration of acetic acid can be harmful to animals and humans while irritating the skin and eyes. Keep yourself safe by wearing gloves and masks while using vinegar in your lawn.

Boiling Water

Shocked? I was too when I first discovered it.

Water in your tap can do the work. It is easy, it is homemade, it is 100percent organic and it kills weeds. One of the simplest tricks is to boil the water and pour it on the weeds.

For enhanced effectiveness, add some salt to the water, a tablespoon or two would just do fine. Boiling water is an instant and effective trick against weeds but the results are short-term.


This weapon is as organic as one can get in killing weeds in your lawn. Salt, also known as Sodium Chloride in scientific terms, is an ancient warrior being used as the destroyer of weeds. This simple substance is so dangerous that it can keep anything from growing for years.

Perhaps, for this reason, it is advised to use the salt directly to the leaves of the weeds you want to destroy and not scatter or sprinkle it on the soil.

Salt is cheap, easily available, and quite effective. However, it should be used with care, otherwise, it might render the soil infertile for a long time.


Corn Gluten is powerful and mighty. It can kill the weed seeds before they can mature into becoming plants. Plus, it doesn’t harm the grass or any other plant, including the already matured weed as the gluten meal’s oily outer covering doesn’t let the seeds germinate and develop roots.

This is interesting, isn’t it?

Moreover, corn gluten is quite rich in nitrogen, which enhances the fertility of the soil. Corn gluten is effective and is not so expensive. It enriches the soil with nutrients.

Corn gluten is, however, not so easily available and doesn’t kill existing weeds. It could be used as a precautionary substance.

Paper and water

I would prefer using old newspapers for this, which are quite easily available. Take some newspaper, make it a little thicker by layering and place it on the patch of the land where you wish to give some treatment to the weeds. Then, wet the newspaper by spraying water.

This keeps the area under the wet newspaper in dark and weeds underneath wither and die. It is an inexpensive and organic way to kill weeds in lawns but it kills everything underneath, including a healthy patch of grass. Also, once the task is done, the newspaper decomposes and enriches the soil.


Using organic dish soaps is very effective when thoroughly mixed with water and put over weeds. Such soaps help in destroying weeds completely.

However, you must be careful while using an organic dish soap mixture as it kills everything it is sprayed over. It can harm the good grass in your lawn. Organic dish soaps are easy to handle and harmless.

Light them up

Fire is one of the most ancient remedies for weeds. Flame the leaves of the plants you wish to get rid of and they would die quickly. If you wish to reach the roots and destroy the weeds, repeat the process two to three times.

However, you should be careful while using fire to kill weeds as it might harm healthy plants and in dry regions, it can lead to a large destructive fire. Weed flamers are available in tool shops and are getting quite popular.


If you can get white vinegar and mix it with some citrus peels, it can work wonders for you. The acetic acid in white vinegar and oils in citrus peels create a bond, which can literally kill weeds from their roots. Citrus oils help in cutting through the layers of protective coating in weeds and the acetic acid in white vinegar does its work more efficiently.

These materials are easily available in the market and are100percent organic to kill weeds in your lawn. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for some vinegar stink and use it only on those plants where necessary.


Good old Borax, a detergent booster, is quite a simple way to kill weeds. When borax is mixed with water, it works pretty well, killing almost every plant life that it comes in contact with. One should use this carefully, only when there is a need to wipe out an entire patch of land.

Borax can cause your skin to itch and irritate your eyes, so you got to be careful with it. It can also poison the soil if used in large quantities.

Get to work

Gather your weed puller tools, such as hand trowels, long screwdrivers, or just bare hands, and get ready to work with your hands. This is one of the most ancient, safest, and effective ways of eliminating weeds. There is a wide range of weed-popper tools available in the market that are easy to use as well as provide lawn aeration. You can watch this video in order to know how you can pull weeds manually.


We all love our lawns. This is where we spend some of the quality time with our family and pets. Therefore, it is important to maintain the health and beauty of our lawns. All the above organic weed killer for lawns work great.

You can easily find these organic weed killers in your home. Even though they may take time to work, they will help in managing weeds effectively in your lawn for several years.

I only use organic weed killers in my lawn in order to eliminate weeds. I have never used chemical herbicides since they are full of toxins and can make me and my family fall sick.

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