Everything To Know About Portland Nursery Apple Festival

Fall is definitely in the air in Portland here. One of the most-loving fall activities in Portland is the Portland Nursery Apple Tasting Festival. When it is time for leaves to start changing their color, it is when we celebrate the abundance of pears and apples. Portland Nursery Apple Festival is something you could not miss if apples are what you share a love for.

At this festival, you will come across a wide variety of pears and apples. In total, there are over 60 varieties. You can taste these apples and buy them by the pound. Apart from the tasting lines, you will cherish the fresh-pressed cider demonstration as well as tasting too. All of these activities will be open to the public throughout all six days of this apple festival.


Portland Nursery Apple Festival

Pear and apple tasting

Portland Nursery Apple Festival is known for pear and apple tasting. At this event, you can taste as much as 60 varieties of apples and pears. The best part is that it is all for free. Just wait for you turn and taste the best fruits!

Live music

At this festival, people get to listen to live music by various artists. So, the overall ambiance is just awesome here.

Cider demos

Portland Apple Festival even features cider demos, where people can see how freshly-pressed cider is being made. Also, they can taste this fresh apple cider.

Scarecrow contest

In the annual scarecrow contest, anyone can enter and win. You need to send your scarecrow entry that should not be bigger than 10’x4’. It needs to be dressed to withstand temperamental fall weather. Also, all entries should be family-friendly.

Entries need to be accompanied by entry forms. Here, there are exciting prizes for the first top positions. Furthermore, all entrants get a free 5-pound bag of apples!

Cider and wine tasting

There is a cider tasting area. Here, you can taste the original wine like authentic ciders, which are rare to find. People who are older than 21 can enjoy this event.

Apple strudel

Apple strudels are authentic Portland dishes. If you are going to this festival, do not come back without trying apple strudels with vanilla cream.

Specialty food vendors

At the Portland Festival, you will find a number of local food vendors. These vendors sell pizza, fresh-roasted chestnuts, chutneys, and whatnot!

Activities in the tent for kids

There is also a field trip day for kids. They feature live entertainment for kids. The event holds various activities for kids like Scavenger Hunt, Coloring, Pumpkin Painting, Face Painting, Story Time, Puppet Show, Variety Show, and other games.

So, this festival is more than just apples. Here, you have so much to do and see. It is a perfect event to visit with your family and friends. Check out this video to get an insight into what all this festival has in store for you!

Everything about Portland Nursery Apple Festival

Just see outside and you will find that it is time to begin thinking about fall and amazing days that you have ahead of you in Portland. Most people really like this time of the year, when leaves change their color, the days become shorter, and the cool breeze begins to set it. Most importantly, it is the season for the annual event of Portland Nursery.

You attend this event once and there is no going back! Hundreds and hundreds of people attend the Portland Apple Festival every year. This festival is usually held at the weekends in October from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Portland Nursery. Check out the dates on its official website!

In the back of the Portland nursery, there is a set up of big tents along with a regular inventory for the tasters and fruits. Here, you will come across 60 different varieties of apples. So, ensure that you go there with lots of patience and time. This is because you have to wait for your turn in the tasting line. However, it is worth all the wait and you will be stunned with how different apples could taste. The apple tasting is the highlight of this event, but not the only thing that the nursery offers.

At the Portland Nursery Apple Festival, there is an area for kids, live music, local vendors, and much more. The one thing that you should try there is no other than the apple strudel with vanilla soft serve. This dish is the Portland Fall treat that everyone looks forward to.

The Setting of Portland Nursery

The setting of this beautiful nursery is in the heart of Southeast Portland, located at 5050 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97215. Another amazing thing about this festival is that people get a chance to stroll through a stunning SE Portland neighborhood.

It is a must to walk through those crowded tree-lined streets as it is difficult to find a parking spot. The houses in this neighborhood are pretty amazing and unique, although cohesive with each other. They range from mid-century ranches and new skinny custom-built houses to old Portland craftsman’s and bungalows. Here, you will find that there’s a big old bungalow having a lush front yard and an oversized porch on one side and a 1950’s ranch having a mid-century modern flair and big picture windows on the other.

Here are the house stats for the quintessential Southeast Portland neighborhood, West Mt. Tabor. Currently, there are four houses on the market near this apple nursery. These old Portland bungalows and newer skinny homes give an aesthetic look to the overall event. This is the beauty of inside SE Portland, an eclectic blend of gardens and homes that bring a smile on your face. What is amazing about Portland nursery is that this retail establishment lies in the heart of a well-established neighborhood.


So, you get a chance to visit dozens of diverse varieties of pears and apples and to select your favorites. This is all for free! The amazing part is that once you have chosen your favorites, all of the apple varieties presented for tasting go for sale at Portland nursery for an incredible price. Furthermore, Portland Nursery Apple Festival is not just about tasting apples but more than that!

Things like live music, a scarecrow contest, and watching cider being pressed go live here. You can check out its website for various scheduled activities. Also, do not leave your camera at home as there will be some great fall photoshoot chances with all the amazing pumpkins and flowers. Not just that, this festival has some delicious apple goodies in store for you to buy and enjoy like apple strudel and freshly pressed apple cider. So, begin your fall with a fun trip to Portland Nursery Apple Tasting Festival. Share your experience and comments in the comment section below!

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