What Is Plexiglass? Everything You Need To Know and Its Different Uses

What is plexiglass? Plexiglass is known as Acrylic, is a type of clear and transparent plastic. However, this one is quite different from the standard clear plastic made from polycarbonate. When it comes to scratches, Plexiglass is a lot less prone to it as compared to polycarbonate. Moreover, Plexiglass has numerous uses, such as in commercial areas, residential areas, for DIY projects, etc. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Plexiglass & its common applications.


what is plexiglass

When talking about what Plexiglass is made of, it’s methyl methacrylate’s synthetic polymer, which is a plastic. It was first created in the year 1928 inside different laboratories and by several different scientists. Since then, Plexiglass has become an important part of not just commercial use but residential uses as well.

What Is Plexiglass Made Of?

what is plexiglass made of

Plexiglass is a petroleum-based and transparent thermoplastic product that’s often times manufactured in the form of sheets, as an alternative to glass that’s both shatter-resistant and lightweight. At times, Plexiglass is also called acrylic glass due to the glasslike substance. 

The reason Plexiglass is used in the place of the standard glass is due to its translucence and sturdiness. Different types of UV coating and other types of coatings are used on it. Numerous industries use Plexiglass because of how versatile it really is. 

Common Applications of Plexiglass

what is plexiglass

1. UV-Resistant Windows

what is plexiglass

When you substitute actual glass with Plexiglass on your window panes, you add a lot more durability to your windows. Plus, Plexiglass is just as clear as actual glass so you won’t have any trouble looking through it. Also, this type of glass makes its maintenance a lot easier, since it doesn’t collect a lot of dirt, won’t break easily, and severe weather won’t affect it as much. This also makes them ideal for skylights.

2. Solar Panels

what is plexiglass

Nowadays, people are installing solar panels in order to save on their electricity bills and also to help the environment. These solar panels are made from glass and Plexiglass is the perfect material for them. It can resist harsh weather, it’s shatter-resistant, and will let 90% of light to pass through the solar panels. Hence, it is recommended to pick Plexiglass whenever one decides to switch to solar panels. 

3. Greenhouse Construction

what is plexiglass

Using Plexiglass when constructing a greenhouse comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, due to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, it will keep the greenhouse safe. Plus, this type of glass allows high transmittance of sunlight, which is exactly what a greenhouse needs. There will always be a steady light flow no matter how the outside weather is. Because of its strength and sturdiness, there won’t be any breakage of panes. It also doesn’t collect a lot of dust; hence it’s easier to maintain. Not to mention, Plexiglass is significantly cheaper as compared to actual glass, which makes it perfect for greenhouses.

4. Sneeze Guards

what is plexiglass

Sneeze guards are used in places such as banks, retailer stores, offices, cashier windows, and so on. They create a barrier between the employee and the customer or visitor, which is highly important. Sneeze guards made with Plexiglass come on a flat surface, which is a lot easier to clean. Plus, its transparent panel is not at all difficult to monitor.

5. Plexiglass for Clear and Sturdier Aquarium

define plexiglass

All across the world, clear polycarbonate is used in order to construct huge dome-shaped aquariums. Since polycarbonate panels is a lot stronger and sturdier than actual glass, it’s the ideal material that can be used for aquarium tanks. It also has a high impact resistance.

6. Commercial Signage

define plexiglass

Plexiglass is also used in commercial signage. They are durable, colorless, and transparent, which makes them a better substitute for normal glass. Signs made from Plexiglass not only look beautiful and simple in any business or office, but also look quite professional. Not to mention, they can easily be customized according to the look the business wants in order to showcase their brand or logo.

7. Nontraditional Pool Fencing and Railings

define plexiglass

Plexiglass fences and railing have a lot more durability than traditional glass fences. This type of glass has more resistance when it comes to chlorinated swimming pool chemicals. Also, for someone who has children or pets, a Plexiglass fence is going to provide more visibility. Hence, parents or pet owners can always keep a lookout when their child is swimming in the pool or if their pet wanders close to the pool.

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