Blueberry Lassi Recipe – Refreshing Summer Drink – Lassi Recipe!

A few years ago there was a TV commercial from one of the largest marketing companies in the world that told the story of a Polish manufacturer of washing machines who discovered what suddenly multiplied its sales in India. A visit to a local lassi salon revealed that the machines had been cleverly converted into blueberry lassi recipe mixers! 


blueberry lassi recipe

Right or not, the story is true. Blueberry lassi recipe is a popular drink in India and is generally enjoyed as a refreshment in warm weather.

There are two ways to serve yogurt-based lassi: sweet and savory. The hearty lassi is garnished with spices, with roasted jeera being an absolute favorite. In addition to sugar, the sweet blueberry lassi recipe also added fruit or berries. This recipe calls for blueberries, but you can substitute others for them.

Blueberry Lassi Recipe

blueberry lassi recipe
  • 1 l of yogurt or sour milk 
  • 5 dl of cold water (or whatever is necessary to achieve the desired consistency)
  • 6 dl of blueberries
  • 23 dl of raw sugar (adjust the amount as you wish)
  • A pinch of vanilla powder

All in a blender mix. If you're having a lunchtime party with a large crowd, try a washing machine :).

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