Try Out A Chia Seed Smoothie For The Best Health Benefits

If you are looking forward to replacing any meal of your day with health drinks, then the chia seed smoothie can be a great option to go with. The vast health benefits of chia seeds have made it a very popular addition to a large variety of smoothies. To help you reap the benefits of this great tiny superfood, we present to you this article where we would tell you the advantages of consuming chia seeds as well as some great chia seed smoothie recipes that you can try.


Various health benefits associated with chia seeds

These tiny seeds must not be misunderstood for their size as they are one of the most nutritiously dense foods on this planet. Plenty of research has proven that chia seeds are a storehouse of many vital nutrients and affect the body in numerous ways. Let’s see the top health benefits of these seeds:

  • Chia seeds are a great source of fiber primarily since all of their carbohydrates are in fibrous form. Thus, a glass of chia seed smoothie can make you feel fuller for longer by slowing down the process of food absorption.
  • They are also one of the richest sources of protein that helps weight loss and craving reduction.
  • These seeds also inject a good amount of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and many other micronutrients needed by the body.
  • The rich amounts of antioxidants present in the acids safeguard their sensitive fats that are mainly responsible for their healthy properties. These antioxidants also prevent cell damage to keep diseases away.
  • The omega-3 fatty acids are also present in a high amount in chia seeds.
  • Consuming chia seed smoothie or other recipes can complement your efforts towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can in turn promote good heart health.
  • Chia seeds are also known for improving bone health as they have high amounts of nutrients like protein, phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium.
  • These seeds also have anti-diabetic properties as they help in the lowering down of blood sugar levels.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties are also present in these seeds.

10 amazing chia seed smoothie recipes

Here goes the list. Watch the video to know how to add chia seeds into the smoothies.

Detoxifying green smoothie

This can be the best filling meal for breakfast if you are looking to consume something low on calories too. Gather these ingredients:

  • One cup each of spinach leaves and frozen pineapple
  • One cup of almond milk or more as per requirement
  • One frozen banana
  • One tbsp of chia seeds

Blend these things nicely and serve fresh!

Strawberry delight smoothie

This chia seed smoothie tastes almost like a dessert and will surely become a favorite of all of you out there having sweet tooth. You will need:

  • Two cups of frozen strawberries
  • One banana
  • One cup of any milk
  • Two tbsp of chia seeds

Blend these well and enjoy it!

Blueberry chia seed smoothie

This super easy smoothie can be the best meal for a morning breakfast or mid-day snack craving. All you need is:

  • Half cup frozen blueberries
  • Four small strawberries
  • One tbsp chia seeds
  • One-fourth cup of almond milk
  • Half a cup of dairy-free yogurt
  • Two tbsp water

Blend them nicely to get the right consistency and serve fresh.

Apple Banana Delight

This recipe is going to give you two glasses of amazing refreshment that you can have at any time of the day to have an instant energy boost. You need:

  • Two cups each of fresh apples and frozen banana
  • One cup each of plain yogurt and regular milk
  • One tbsp of chia seeds

Blend these ingredients in a high power blender and enjoy!

Creamy Mango chia seed smoothie

chia seed smoothie

This is the perfect seasonal refreshment that you can enjoy that is going to satisfy your cravings as well as keep you healthy. You will need:

  • Two cups of frozen mango
  • Two ripe bananas
  • One cup of almond milk or more as per taste preference
  • Two tbsp of chia seeds

Blend well and enjoy it!

No blend almond chia seed smoothie

If you are not in the mood to use your blender, then we still have got one of the chia seed smoothie recipes for you. These are the ingredients:

  • Half cup of almond milk
  • One-fourth cup of cold water
  • Two tbsp of any smoothie mix
  • One scoop of chia seeds powder

Stir all these ingredients nicely and serve chilled.

Power green dessert smoothie

The combination of fruits put into this smoothie make it highly nutritious that is going to give you an immediate energy boost. You will need:

  • One orange
  • One frozen banana
  • One cup each of blueberries and kale
  • Five strawberries
  • One tbsp chia seeds
  • Water as needed

Churn them together for the right consistency drink and enjoy.

Hot chocolate chia seed smoothie

Chocolate is the ultimate favorite of almost everyone and who would think that it can be combined with highly nutritious ingredients into a dessert smoothie. Let’s see what goes into it:

  • A couple of dark chocolate squares
  • One avocado
  • One tbsp of Chia Seeds
  • One tbsp of honey
  • Two tbsp raw oats
  • Two cups of warm milk

Blend these nicely for a great and unique chocolaty drink.

Orange berry delight

The tart flavor of this smoothie will surely tickle your taste buds and supply a good amount of vitamins and antioxidants to the body. You will need:

  • One cup each of orange juice and frozen raspberries
  • One frozen banana
  • One or two tbsp of chia seeds

Blend finely and serve with some ice mixed.

Purple welcome smoothie

A smoothie loaded with nutrients and yet with a tasty flavor is not that difficult to make and this shake is a great example. Below are the ingredients:

  • One banana
  • Two cups of spinach
  • Half cup yogurt
  • One cup frozen berries
  • One tbsp chia seeds
  • Water as needed

Blend these into a smooth drink and enjoy it.

Final words

We believe that now you must be all ready to try a chia seed smoothie today for the vast health benefits it provides and also incorporate the different chia seed smoothie recipes into your diet for longer. Do share with us how did you like them and also tell us any interesting chia seed recipe that you know.

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