The Ultimate List Of Home Remedy For Cough And Cold

The combination of cough and flu can easily make anyone annoyingly sick and the worst is when they remain for long with mild symptoms. Such situations confuse you regarding the type of treatment that you should take and that is where a home remedy for cough and cold comes to the rescue. Home remedies are deemed the best and very effective way to tackle common cold and cough as first aid.

In this article, we are going to discuss some home remedies for alleviating both types of sickness along with some general tips.


home remedy for cough and cold

Our body has its natural way of defending against the various sicknesses and normal flu and cough are also believed to be a very common part of that healing mechanism.

Coughing secretes a type of semi-liquid called mucus that plays a role in the clearing of the respiratory passage, irritants, and other infectious viruses in the body. This way, the spread of germs to other parts of the body is prevented. The same thing happens in the cold when the mucus from the nasal tract prevents the irritants from reaching the skull.

It’s okay to let a day or two of cough and flu untreated by when they get prolonged, you must start with some cure. There can be many causes for illnesses like allergy, sinus, bacterial infections, acid refluxes, etc. Once you see the symptoms getting worse than mild, you can try any home remedy for cough and cold out of the ones that we are going to list now.

Great home-made natural remedies for coughing and flu

We have a long list.

Warm honey water

Honey is believed to a better reliever than even medications like dextromethorphan when it comes to coughing amongst children and adults. Mix two tsp of dark honey into warm water or make a cold remedy tea with it and consume it two times in a day. This relieves the throat itching and gives immediate relief.


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger make it an excellent home remedy for cough and cold both. It relaxes the airways membrane and reduces coughing as well as nausea. You can simply boil ginger slices in some water or crush some ginger slices and then mix it with some honey to make them taste better and then consume.

Herbal tea

This is another name of the classic honey lemon ginger cold remedy that comes first in the list of cold treating teas. Boil water with ginger root and one tbsp each of honey and lemon juice. This tea will give you the right amount of warmth along with clearing sinuses, mucus, and also soothing itchiness. Watch this video.

Lemon tea

Vitamin C is the main need of the body when fighting viruses or cold and what else can a better source but lemon juice. You can either have lemon tea or simply add the juice to any herbal tea to give relief to that sore throat or running nose.


You can make a great cold remedy tea with the peppermint leaves that soothes itchy throats with their menthol essence. You can buy peppermint tea or the essential oil to use for a steam bath. The mucus breaks down immediately upon the ingestion of menthol infused smoke and your throat will be relieved of congestion.


Good sleep helps faster recovery from cold and chamomile tea is the savior there. The flavonoids act like tranquilizers and combined with the anti-inflammatory properties speed up the healing process.


This North American herb gives preventive benefits as well as healing relief when it comes to treating cold. A cup of tea made of Echinacea is known to boost immunity as well as reduce throat inflammation. Taking Echinacea tea two times a day for just a week can show significant results.

Thyme tea

This herb gives respiratory as well as digestive benefits that are a result of its compound called flavonoids. You can make a cold remedy tea with thyme by brewing some crushed leaves in water and adding honey for some flavor if you need it. This relaxes inflammation in the throat muscles.

Chicken soup

Another great home remedy for cough and cold is the chicken soup that gives a soothing effect to your body during sickness. It slows down the neutrophiles or WBCs in the body to concentrate them in the place that needs healing.

Marshmallow herb

The roots and leaves of this herb have been known to have healing properties for coughs and sore throats by coating it with mucilage. You can make a warm tea with the marshmallow root or take the capsule supplements of the herb. This remedy is not meant for children.

Bromelain rich products

Bromelain is an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory and mucolytic properties that explain its usefulness as a home remedy for cough and cold. Fruits like pineapple contain bromelain but the required amount to treat symptoms may be more and that can be taken from the bromelain supplements. Do consult your doctor regarding the supplements.


These are immunity boosters that help to prevent cold and cough like symptoms in the longer term. Lactobacillus is one common probiotic bacteria that are available easily in the form of various supplements. Foods like yogurt, soups, etc. can also supply probiotics to the body naturally that is a better option.


This is one of the best treatments that not only treats cough or flu but also gives a relaxing effect on the body. Try hot showers or steam bath followed by drinking water to avoid dehydration. You can also take steams from the steam machines or any bowl of hot water mixed with some essential oil.


If you have a wet cough or a sore throat, then this is the best remedy to try. You can try doing gargles with warm water mixed with some plain or sea salt several times a day.  This prevents mucus production at the end of the throat and thus you would need to cough less.

Vapor rub

This is a very popular ointment home remedy for cough and cold amongst the ill people. Vapor rubs are the typical over-the-counter ointments easily available in the market. They can be applied once or twice on certain body parts like back, neck, and chest of the sick person that will relax the symptoms and give better sleep.

Dietary changes

A common cause of coughing is acid reflux as we have already mentioned. This can be treated for the longer term by avoiding all acidic foods like alcohol, spicy food, caffeine, garlic, onions, etc. Consuming fresh and seasonal fruits and liquids in plenty is a good way to prevent cough and flu.

Some tips for treating cold and cough better

  • You can also try some preventive measures other than the home remedy for cough and cold to keep the illness away.
  • Don’t rush into taking immediate or high treatment for very mild symptoms.
  • In the common cold, you must keep blowing your nose rightly to move the mucus out.
  • Take proper rest and stay warm as well as hydrated.
  • Sleep with an extra pillow under the head so that the mucus doesn’t block breathing passage at the upper end.
  • Consume healthy food that also helps in fighting infections.
  • For home remedies, always use fresh and good quality products.
  • Keep yourself clean. Wash hands regularly, change the hankies, use disinfectant at your living space.
  • Stay away from any stress.
  • If the symptoms persist then get medical advice.


So you saw that a home remedy for cough and cold can be your best to try for treating the mild symptoms. There is no dearth variety in such treatments and you can treat yourself with the easily doable remedy. Be it a cold remedy tea, classic honey lemon ginger cold remedy, or any other treatment; make sure to overdo anything and change the treatment if symptoms continue.

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