Your Question On How Long Does 2 4-D Take To Work Answered

So you are excited about the prospects of seeing no more weeds in your lawn, now that you have had 2 4-d applied on it. Yet, even after applying 2 4-d, a lingering question remains with regard to its efficacy. Specifically, you really want to be sure about how long does 2 4-d take to work?

Will you see instant results?

Or will it be a long-drawn affair?

In this post, we answer all your queries around the impact that 2 4-d has and indeed the time that it takes to showcase results. So read on as we reveal all the details around how long does 2 4-d take to work so that you remain as informed as possible on this vital aspect related to upkeep of your garden lawn.


Understanding 2 4-d

It would only be appropriate that before you gauge how long does it take 2 4 d to work, you get a sense of exactly what 2 4-d is. If you are already well versed with 2 4-d, then you can skip this section and go to the next one.

For the uninitiated though, 2 4-d (or 2 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic) is essentially an herbicide that has been in common usage across the United States for decades now. Over the years, it has clearly proven its potency in killing unwanted plants, especially weeds.

The following video provides an informative perspective on 2 4-d which we definitely recommend checking out:

There is no single form to 2 4-d; it is available as a liquid, in the form of granules, and even as dusty powder. Accordingly, you are likely to come across 2 4-d in acidic form, as esters, and even as salts.

How exactly does 2 4-d work?

While trying to ascertain how long does 2 4-d take to work it would be useful to understand the underlying principle behind this herbicide in the way in works.

Essentially, it compels the cells in plants that you would like to get rid of (such as weeds) to be deprived of the nutrients they need, including water. Amid this process, these cells get divided up and start growing unabated.

As a result, weeds ultimately die out.

Further, 2 4-d is a “smart herbicide” in the sense that it can easily differentiate between monocots, viz. single seed leaf plants, and dicots, viz. dual seed leaf plants. Typically, 2 4-d lets monocots be while suppressing dicots. That is the reason; it proves to be particularly potent herbicides in case of cereal crops like wheat or maize, dissuading the growth of extraneous weeds.

Mind you, while 2 4-d has this effect on most weeds and other unwanted plants; it may not show the same impact on all undesirable growth of this kind. Therefore, your usage of 2 4-d has to align itself with the kind of plant on which it is known to have a desired impact.

Mixing Ratios Matter

2 4-d is applied by mixing it with water. In this scenario, the amount of water you use and indeed the proportion in which you mix the two does make a difference.

The two determining factors include the kind of weed (or plant) you are targeting, as well as the area or place which you are looking to treat. Let’s take a large size pasture area for example. Herein you will be deploying 3 to 4 ounces of 2 4-d across every 1 to 3 gallons of water, with this quantity good for roughly 1,000 square feet of area.

Similarly, on smaller surfaces such as your lawn for example, the proportion of 2 4-d with water will be different; the likelihood that you will be using a hand sprayer in this instance will also make a difference.

So, how long will 2 4-d take to work?

To answer this question, we will refer to the most common Hi-Yield 2 4-d Selective Weed Killer. As we have observed on multiple occasions, it takes as little (or as much, depending on your perspective!) two to four weeks to show active and visible results.

Within this time frame, if previously mentioned aspects are duly adhered to in the right way, especially the ratio or proportion of 2 4-d to water which we referred to in the previous section, then you are pretty much certain to see definitive results within a fortnight or at best a month after application.

how long does 2 4-d take to work

Can 2 4-d be applied in areas where food items are grown?

Since this is a very common question asked frequently by many of our readers, we will get down to addressing the elephant in the room right here, right now.

Specifically, you should NOT be using 2 4-d in areas where any edible items are grown.

So, for example, if you have a lawn along with a garden area where you indulge yourself in fresh, homegrown vegetables, then you should definitely not be applying 2 4-d over there.

Just in case you happen to find yourself in a scenario where application of 2 4-d is compulsory in such an area since weeds have overgrown the entire place manifold, then it is strongly recommended that you wait it out for an entire year before planting any kind of edible foods in the same place.


This article set out to clearly address a common query around 2 4-d; specifically, how long does 2 4-d take to work. As we have clearly specified previously in this post, the timeframe that you should be looking at is 2 to 4 weeks within which you would definitely see a marked difference in terms of weeds dying out and not continuing to grow under any circumstances.

While answering this primary question, we also addressed various associated aspects, especially with regard to the ratio with which you are to mix 2 4-d with water, prior to applying.

Together, this should have given you a holistic perspective on the above topic.

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