Quinoa Pilaf Recipe Great for Meal Prepping – Back To Basics!

Are there dishes at the dining table that is repeatedly rated negatively? No matter how it's prepared or served, it'll poke around. Neither my husband nor I am picky eaters, but quinoa pilaf recipe used to be a problem for us. 


"Fisheye Again!" My husband called every time I put him a plate of quinoa instead of rice. He claimed the grains were crawling and staring at him! We discuss whether quinoa pilaf recipe is suitable for vegetarians, including indigestion.

quinoa pilaf recipe

When we got an invitation to lunch with a friend, I shuddered. The host had recently introduced quinoa as a supplement to their raw food diet. Before we left the house, I made arrangements and fed my husband well. To be sure, I had no idea what a surprise was in store for us!

The conversation was happy as we sat down to eat. When, after a few bites, I realized my husband was about to say something, I turned gray in horror.

"That's excellent," he announced. "What is it?"

My gaze was fixed on him like a school of fish with a thousand eyes (quinoa pilaf recipe). I couldn't believe my ears. As he watched him accept seconds and thirds and even quarters, it was clear: Khichdi quinoa was going to be his favorite breakfast or meal.

quinoa pilaf recipe

Whipped with lemon juice and olive oil and mixed with vegetables braised in a pinch of hung, black pepper, and ground coriander, quinoa had regained its “vegetarian status”.

I usually cook it with split yellow mung dal beans instead of aduki and leave out pine nuts or almonds. This time I put it together like a quinoa pilaf recipe for a visual pizzazz, although I prefer it as a stew, khichdi.

Judge, is he looking at you?

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