All Information About Finding The Vegetables To Plant In August

Now that the summer crops have been harvested and the garden space is vacant again, you must be looking for some new vegetables to plant in august. When you are thinking of planting in august, you must be aware that the plants you sow will yield only in the next year unless they are the fast-growers. If you are thinking that what vegetables can I plant in august, then we are going to help you with that in this article.

We will be giving you a list of such vegetables and tell you when you will be able to enjoy the harvest too.


How to go about planting in august?

August is a great month to expect a bountiful harvest from for your backyard garden. There is a huge variety of crops that you can grow in this month. It’s the perfect time for sowing so many vegetable plants by removing the dead crops from the early season plantations.

Before starting with this, make sure the soil is having the right nutrients in adequate amount.  This second crop round needs some space too which you should provide it. Choosing to plant vegetables in containers makes it easy to transplant them later according to the weather conditions and sunlight pattern.

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13 high yielding vegetables to plant in august

Following is a list of vegetable crops that you can try growing in August for great harvests later during fall or the next year.


If you are wondering what vegetables can I plant in august, cucumbers can probably be the best choice as they are such a great health food. Warm weather is mandatory for them to grow, but the best thing is the growth is fast. They harvest well if you plant them immediately after thawing the ground.

You can choose between the pickling variety that is small and the large variety that serves best when sliced for a healthy salad.


This vegetable survives the frost best, making it one of the perfect crops for planting in august or late summers. Just plant them in a spot which is vacant and has a loose, rich in nitrogen, and well-drained soil. Just that these are slow growers so they will bloom till the spring and harvest in the summers.

Another great thing is that you don’t need to water them too much as they will grow healthy even in dry conditions.


This plant grows well in the cold months and this makes them good to start with during August. They grow within a month or two. You can choose either of the two varieties of kale- curly and flat.

They are the non-headed specie of the cabbage family and packed with high nutritional value. You can use them in salads, smoothies, stir-fries, and even as the hash. The kale sown during frost grows sweeter than the rest.


There are so many varieties of radish that, if intelligently selected for planting in august, can give harvest for an entire season. You can pick the white and long radish or the red and round one. They can taste bitter, mild, or even sweet.

The soil medium must be well-drained and moisture-retaining for the radishes to grow nicely under full sun. They can grow well in spring, summer, or winter too. You can use radish in a salad, stew, sautéed curry, or any other dish like Sushi.


vegetables to plant in august

This is a very unique vegetable that you can consider for planting in august. There are many varieties of Arugula and the ones that you must grow are the wall-rocket and wild rocket ones. The leaves of this plant have a different flavor that somewhat tastes like pepper.

It is liked and disliked too by so many people, yet it has retained great popularity in the world of Salad greens. It is also added in a lot of dishes for enhancing their flavor.


vegetables to plant in august

You can plant carrots anytime in the year, but the best time is early August or a little before too. This way, you can have them in your plates during the fall season. A unique thing about carrots is that they become biennial if they are left to keep growing in the ground and the seeds are produced in the second year.

There are many varieties that you can plant like the red, yellow, and purple carrots just that each of them requires different soil mediums.


vegetables to plant in august

This vegetable is available in many varieties under five primary types, each of which has a different harvesting period. Plan accordingly and sow the right type in August that will give you produce during the fall. You can also plant a mix and match of different lettuce species so that you can enjoy them during the entire season.

Too hot weather has to be totally avoided it prevents the germination of lettuce.


vegetables to plant in august

There are so many varieties of peas that can be started with plantation best in august. This is because the peas are reluctant to hot weather. The heat is mild in August and then it grows only cooler which is good for the produce.

You can choose between snow peas, shelling peas, soup peas, and the snap peas. All of these have a very fresh taste and can be grown very easily.


vegetables to plant in august

Thinking to plant spinach during early August, make sure that the soil is adequately moist and cool too. As it is averse to both hot as well as cold weather, you can grow it only in mild weather. The harvest will happen during the fall if the plantation happens anytime in August.

It can only survive winters when it doesn’t frost. Power-packed with rich nutrients, spinach is an indispensable part of so many cuisine cultures across the world.


vegetables to plant in august

This delicious vegetable of the cold weather harvests best when it is started in the latter part of August or September beginning. You should plant it at least 6-8 weeks before fall hits the ground first. This is the right time to transplant the cauliflower plants that you started during the spring.

They grow best under full sun. They generally grow throughout a full season. So you can expect the harvest post-January next year if they survive winter successfully.


vegetables to plant in august

These root vegetables belong to the category of fast-growing vegetables to plant in august. They can grow at any place that you want. If planted early, you can enjoy their continuous harvest during the entire fall season.

The best part of this crop is that its leaves, as well as the roots, are both edible. There are multiple uses of this plant as they can be pickled, used in salads, or eaten just as wilted greens.

Chinese greens

vegetables to plant in august

You can go different with sowing these crops too if you are still stuck with what vegetables can I plant in august. They belong to the brassica crop family. Fall is their best harvest season and they grow very flavorful when exposed to low temperatures.

They include plant varieties like tatsoi and pac choy. You can start the plants indoors as well.


vegetables to plant in august

This popular garden herb is the favorite of the Italians. It can be easily grown in a wide variety of climates and are cultivable indoors too. You can consume both the flowers and the leaves.

It is used in making pesto that is a widely popular vegetable paste made with nuts and olive oil too.

Final words

There are a lot of other vegetables to plant in august that we have not included in the list. We mentioned the ones which do really well when started in august. You can experiment with tomato, broccoli, turnip, potato, swiss chard, cabbage, and many other vegetables or plant the ones which are your favorite out of the suitable ones.

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Wish you a happy harvest!

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