10 Effective Juicing Recipes For Diabetics That Give Actual Results

We understand the struggles of diabetics in choosing the right type of food for themselves and their constant worry about sugar intake. This can become the reason for you to get apprehensive upon hearing that certain juicing recipes for diabetics can actually help you out in fighting the disease. Juices are generally associated with high sugar content and it is this myth only that we are here to break.

Diabetes shouldn’t make you give up on natural juicing. We are going to help you out with the basics of juicing for diabetes and some best juicing recipes for diabetics.


Key rules on preparing juice for diabetes

For any diabetic, it’s very important to keep in check their dietary habits as it directly impacts the sugar level in their blood. Blood sugar levels of diabetics fluctuate very often due to improper working of insulin. So if you are going to try any diabetic juice recipe, here are certain things to keep in mind:

  • The first rule is to keep away from solely fruit juices as they contain a high amount of natural sugars or have a high glycemic index.
  • The following are the fruits that diabetic must avoid- watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, mangoes, pineapple, etc.
  • You can juice these fruits- grapefruit, avocado, kiwi, berries. Watch the video to know more.
  • Juicing fresh veggies is best for the type 1 and 2 diabetics as they are less on sugar as well as the glycemic index too
  • You can try these vegetables- leafy veggies, carrots, red peppers, celery, tomato, cucumber, etc.
  • Don’t overdo juice consumption.

10 juice recipes for the diabetics

Now that you are ready for the juicing experiments, here are some great recipes to try first.

The apple detox drink

This delicious diabetic juice recipe has a very healthy base that not only decreases the risk of diabetes and controls sugar but has a lot of other health benefits too. The ingredients are:

  • Two carrots
  • One cup each of red apple and green apple, diced
  • One lemon
  • One one-inch block of ginger

Put all the ingredients through a juicer and serve fresh.

The Greenland drink

 This is easily one of the best juicing recipes for diabetics since it has the goodness of all the major green veggies that are super detoxifiers and promote digestion too. You can make this drink with:

  • One bunch of chard
  • Half bunch of kale
  • One small green cabbage
  • One green apple
  • Two celery ribs
  • One lemon

Juice everything nicely and serve the drink fresh.

The veggie land drink

This is one of the super juicing recipes for diabetics that you will get hooked up to once you see the benefits happening to your body. The ingredients of this juice are as follows:

  • One and a half beet
  • Four carrots
  • Two tomatoes
  • One clove of garlic
  • One bunch of spinach
  • Five romaine leaves
  • Some parsley leaves
  • Two celery ribs
  • Some watercress
  • Salt as per taste

Juice the ingredients well and mix salt at the end. The drink is ready to serve.

The bitter melon juice

This can be deemed as the miracle fruit that targets high blood glucose levels. If you don’t like the taste of it then you can add some other fruits in the concoction. For the basic juice, you need:

  • Two bitter melons
  • Some water

You can either juice or blend them as per the preference and consume fresh. Alternatively, you can juice the melons with cucumber, green apples, or lemons to make them taste better.

The sweet potato juice

This is another great option in the list of diabetic juicing recipes as it is full of fiber and good for the maintenance of the blood glucose content. You will need:

  • One sweet potato
  • One green apple
  • Two celery ribs
  • One one-inch block of ginger
  • Some cinnamon powder

Juice all the ingredients and serve the drink fresh.

The broccoli juice

If you are a type 2 diabetic, then this is the perfect drink for you that will supply the Sulforaphane to the body for control glucose producing enzymes. You will need:

  • One broccoli head
  • Two or more carrots as per the taste preference
  • Two apples

Juice these ingredients and serve the drink fresh.

The tomato cleanser drink

All the goodness of tomatoes in the form of vitamins and minerals is abundant in this drink and it significantly helps in the maintenance of heart health. You will need:

  • Four big tomatoes, de-seeded
  • A bunch of lettuce

Juice these two and serve the drink fresh.

The pepper magic drink

Antioxidants are very good in controlling sugar levels in the blood as they flush out the toxins. This drink has plenty of such antioxidants like lycopene. You need the following ingredients:

  • One bunch spinach leaves
  • One red bell pepper or capsicum
  • Two celery sticks
  • One kiwi

Juice everything just fine and the drink is ready.

The dandelion diabetic concoction

This is another gem among the great diabetic juicing recipes for type 2 diabetics that helps them with inflammation reduction and blood glucose reduction. This recipe includes the following ingredients:

  • One big bunch of dandelion leaves
  • Ten celery ribs
  • Four green apples
  • One lemon

Juice everything finely and serve the drink fresh.

The water magic

This is not an actual recipe but the main idea is that you must consume a high amount of water to keep the body hydrated and detoxified. You can make the water intake even more exciting by adding certain fruits or herbs to it. It can be anything like-

  • Lemon juice
  • Cucumber juice or slices
  • Fresh herbs
  • Mint leaves
  • Basil leaves
  • Crushed berries

…and many other things. You can fill a jug with water and put any of these ingredients into it to let the water soak all the juices. You can consume that water every time you feel like and re-fill the jug just like before.

Some lifestyle tips for diabetic patients

juicing recipes for diabetics

Weight management is the most important thing for diabetes control as well as prevention. Regular workout or exercises go a long way in improving glucose absorption and insulin use.

  • You must do a bare minimum of thirty minutes to walk daily to keep the body glands active.
  • Minimum or no fast food is the key factor of the diabetes control regime. Include cereals, whole grains, juicing recipes for diabetics, etc in your diet.
  • Consume fresh veggies and fruits with a low glycemic index that are safe for both type 1 and 2 diabetics.
  • Avoid any type of sugar and carbohydrate-rich food at all costs.
  • Any type of processed or red meat shall also be put out of the food list for keeping safe from the risk of diabetes.
  • Proper sleep also helps the body with efficient glucose processing and boosted metabolism.
  • Smoking needs to be avoided and banished completely.
  • It might sound absurd but regulated alcohol consumption can help the diabetics as it enhances insulin efficiency and the processing of glucose by the body cells. Remember that limit is the key here too.


All you need to remember is that the juicing recipes for diabetics are meant to be not or least sugary and you have to base your juicing experiments on that fact only. Other than that, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following the dos and don’ts carefully will significantly help you to control your diabetes.

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