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All Information About Cissus Discolor – The Ultimate Guide

Cissus discolor comes from Java, where it is found growing in tropical rain forests. Thanks to its striking, large leaves and climbing growth, it turns out to be a wonderful houseplant. This lovely vine could also be used on arbors or trellises. But it is not easy to take care of as a houseplant!

Having a vining growth habit and striking leaves of a Rex begonia, Cissus discolor is great in a container or a hanging basket and could be trained onto a form. This vine goes up to 3 feet in containers. Its heart-shaped leaves are dark green in color and feature silver patterns and red undersides. Due to its interesting patter on the long, wide leaves, it is commonly known as Rex begonia vine. This is because it features showy patterns on the leaves, resembling the hybrids of the painted leaf begonia.

This plant is a member of the Vitaceae family and the ‘Cissus’ genus that comprises over 350 species of woody vines. Out of all, the most popular one is Cissus Rhombifolia or grape ivy. For enjoying colorful, full foliage, provide the plant lots of sunshine, warmth, and display Cissus discolor in a hanging basket.

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Grow A Blueberry Shrub In Your Garden

Did you know that the fruits borne by a blueberry shrub belong to the group of few blue foods that naturally grow on earth? Before raising blueberries was possible, they could only be seen in the wild. As their cultivability expanded, they grew up to be a health supplement too owing to their anti-oxidant richness.

If you are thinking about growing blueberries, then we are right here with the best help. We will take you through all the known facts about the blueberry plant along with giving you the right tips to grow one in your own garden.

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All Information About Tips To Prune Clematis For Best Growth

To have a clematis plant is the desire of most of the gardeners, but to prune clematis becomes one of the biggest headaches too. Growing a clematis plant is easy but how to prune clematis becomes a huge task to accomplish because you don’t want to put their blooms at risk. The clematis vine has so many spindles that can easily puzzle anyone as to where to begin the pruning from?

Not just that, but there are special pruning demands of every other variety and specie of clematis that add up to the complexity. There is a growing trend where the gardeners prefer including flowering plants and climbers in their lawns, and the clematis makes up to be a very popular choice for it blooms beautifully. For keeping the notorious blooms in a healthy state, you need to be very careful with the care imparted and it is exactly that we aim to help you with.

We are going to give you a detailed set of instructions that will meet all your clematis pruning related inquiries.

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Organic Weed Killer For Lawns: Kill The Weeds Not The Earth

Is your backyard a breeding ground for all sorts of weeds? Is your lawn growing into one forest floor with different species of weeds outgrowing the grass? Does your lawn needs caring but it’s simply too much? I like the natural way of doing things. If you’re like me, I am sure you’d prefer an organic weed killer for lawns. It is better to not introduce any chemical weed killer for the health of your lawn and your family and pets that often spend some quality time on the lawn.

Don’t worry, I have been there. My backyard is a very important part of my home. I just love to simply lie down or walk barefoot in velvet green grass, play with my kids on the lawn, and watch my dog perform summersaults on a sunny afternoon.

But, weeds are simply a patch of pain in all these simple joys of life on the lawn.

One of the most trusted and natural ways of getting rid of weeds in your lawn while being considerate of Earth is by going organic.

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Get A Lush Lawn With The Right Lawn Care Schedule

A popular adage goes like, “The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies” and to cultivate that seed in the right way can be made possible only with a careful lawn care schedule. The depth of this statement can be rightly understood by you if you believe that your house cannot be complete without a garden. Having a lawn schedule is of paramount importance if you wish to keep the garden of your house in good shape forever.

It is this composition of this schedule that we aim to help you with this article. Certain gardening basics possess equal importance in lawn work. We will be discussing them too to help you prepare a comprehensive care regime for the garden that you love.

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