How To Make Fresh Buttermilk Recipe – Easy Buttermilk Substitute!

Making buttermilk recipe is easier than erasing the mental image associated with it. No squeaky wood mixer, swaying hips, or mooing cows in the pasture is not necessary. (A Bollywood film pops up in my head: dazzlingly dressed women frolicking over a meadow with high voices and the Swiss Alps in the background :). Just take a stroll to a local grocery store, pick up a few boxes of whipped cream, pay, and find your way back home. This is the hardest part.


If you are a butter eater you don't have to worry about storage. Do enough for a couple of days, then do it again. So you always have fresh butter on hand that tastes better than commercial butter.

The downside to making butter from scratch is the price. The cream is more expensive than ready-made butter, at least in Finland. In fact, the price of butter hit rock bottom last year.

Pure Fat

It is a psychological awakening to see how cream becomes butter. First, it's just plain fun. The more you do it, the more you realize that butter is pure fat, it becomes concrete, shoot to evaluate what a reasonable amount to consume, to defend butter, pure fat is better than unclean, conclude almost all margarine and shortening. the diet. It is another topic to discuss how well the cows are cared for, what they feed and what quality of milk they produce. 

One problem with buying anything ready in the store is that we never deal with the origin or the process that led to the product. Dare I say most people don't know what they are eating, it's a detail of reality. we lost contact. I can't believe it's a good thing

Buttermilk recipe

buttermilk recipe

A nice by-product of buttering is buttermilk. It is creamy milk that tastes wonderful when cold. A friend of mine recently posted on Flickr how she cheered her up when she was a child with a pinch of salt, crushed ginger, and a few fresh green chili slices. 

Buttermilk recipe can also be used for baking and cooking.

How to make butter 

buttermilk recipe

1.5 l of whipped cream make approx. 56 dl of butter. 

Pour the cream into a clean, dry container and process into whipped cream with an electric mixer. Continue mixing until granulated. Pour in the liquid (buttermilk). Squeeze out the butter with a cold spatula to extract more buttermilk.

When you run out of liquid, add cold water and squeeze out a little more. This is a great time to dip your hands in as long as you can tolerate cold water. When it feels good to knead butter! Repeat until the water runs clear. Pour it in and you, unfortunately, have fresh butter!

Pack in an airtight container and refrigerate.

Remember, you can make herb butter by adding herbs. salted butter adding salt; Sweets by adding sugar and other calming ingredients! And of course, you can make ghee by simmering it for quite a while.

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