Bitter Melon Juice: Benefits, Nutrition, And Different Recipes

Bitter melon juice is a juice made from bitter melon, which is a rough-skinned fruit. As its name suggests, bitter melon and its beverage feature a bitter flavor that many find unpalatable. Despite the fact, bitter melon has gained immense popularity due to its various health benefits, such as enhancing skin health and lowering blood pressure. Here, read all you like to know about bitter melon juice, its health benefits, nutritional values, and recipes.


Bitter melon juice

Bitter melon juice is made from bitter melon, a fruit that is even called Momordica charantia. This fruit is popular by various names, such as bitter gourd, bitter squash, and Karela in India. Bitter melon features distinctly bumpy, rough skin, and can be found usually in two different varieties – Indian and Chinese bitter melon.

The Chinese bitter melon variety grows about 8 inches and comes in pale-green color. The skin has wart-like, smooth bumps. On the other hand, the Indian bitter melons are smaller in size, around 4 inches. They have spiked skin, pointed ends, and dark green color.

Both of these varieties feature flesh on their inside, which turns more bitter when the fruits ripe. One can use either variety to make bitter melon juice.

Bitter melon is a typical ingredient in several subtropical cuisines from regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, some China parts, and the Caribbean. The juice of this fruit is considered a health tonic around the world, including these regions.

Nutrition Information of Bitter Melon 

Bitter melon juice is a source of various important nutrients. If you take one blending cup of bitter melon with a half cup of water, it will deliver nutrients as follows:

Calories: 16

Fiber: 2.6 gm

Carbs: 3.4 gm

Fat: 0.2 gm

Protein: 0.9 gm

Sodium: 0 mg

Zinc: 10% of the Reference Daily Intake

Vitamin C: 95% (RDI)

Folate: 17% (RDI)

Vitamin A: 4% (RDI)

Iron: 5% (RDI)

Potassium: 6% (RDI)

Bitter melon juice offers Vitamin C in ample amounts, which is an antioxidant that promotes brain health, tissue healing, and immunity. It also provides provitamin A, which our bodies convert to vitamin A. This substance helps with skin health and eyesight.

In addition, every one cup of bitter melon juice offers around 8 percent of your regular fiber needs for supporting healthy digestion. Also, dietary fiber helps you in controlling blood sugar levels.

Benefits of Bitter Melon Juice

Maintain blood sugar

Bitter gourd has an insulin-like substance known as p-insulin or Polypeptide-p, which naturally controls diabetes.

Great for lustrous hair and glowing skin

Bitter melon juice is packed with powerful anti-oxidants along with vitamin C and A, which diminish wrinkles and prevent premature ageing of the skin. Moreover, it aids in curing psoriasis and eczema, reduces acne, and protects your skin from the UV rays. Also, vitamin A and C, Zinc, and Biotin impart lustre and shine to your hair.

Helps lose weight

Bitter melon is low in carbohydrates, fat, and calories. It turns out to be great for a weight loss plan as bitter gourd keep your stomach full for longer.

Cleanses liver and cures hangovers

Bitter gourd juice eliminates alcohol intoxication that settles in the liver. This juice cleanses the liver and even heals several liver problems. It even boosts the bladder functioning.

Boots the immune system

Bitter melon fights bacteria and viruses. It also strengthens the immunity and prevents indigestion and allergies.

Bitter Melon Juice Recipe

It is easy to follow the bitter melon juice recipe. You just need some raw bitter gourds, water, and a juicer or blender. To mellow its taste, it is best to soak the flesh of bitter melon in water with some lemon juice for around 30 minutes before you blend it.


  • Bitter melon (1)
  • Other juice or water
  • Lemon juice, honey, or salt (optional)


Wash your bitter gourd, slice off its ends, and scoop out its seeds. Now, cut the melon into medium-sized pieces. In a blender, add water equal about one part to two parts bitter melon. One can modify these proportions as per taste. Also, one may replace it with any juice.

Now, add the bitter melon pieces, some drops of lemon juice, and ½ teaspoon of salt or honey for taste. Next, blend it all until smooth.

Pour the juice over a strainer for filtering out fruit chunks. Press a spoon over the solids for straining out the juice. Chill or serve immediately. If you are using a juice, then simply add water and skip the straining part.

If you prefer, blend other fruits into the bitter melon juice. Some of the popular additions are green apple, ginger, strawberries, cucumber, pineapple, and ginger.

Check out this video to see how to make bitter melon green juice!

How to Make Bitter Melon Smoothie

To make this bitter melon smoothie, you need a blender and juice for great results.


  • Bitter Melon (½chopped) 
  • Avocado (1 chopped)
  • Black pepper and salt
  • Shiracha (1 teaspoon)


In a blender, you need to add avocado and bitter melon juice. Also, add a pinch of black pepper and salt. For adding a bit of spiciness, put in 1 teaspoon of Shiracha. If you do not have this Thai chili-garlic sauce, then use a substitute like tomato juice or tabasco.

Juicing avocados will give you a puree and not juice. As it is a gelatinous fruit like kiwi, mango, pears, and peaches, it is better to blend it since it has soluble fiber.

So, you can have bitter gourd smoothie at home. If you are concerned about its sharp taste, select paler green and bigger bitter gourds.


Bitter melon juice is tremendously nutritious and linked to various health benefits, such as enhanced blood sugar levels and skin health. As it comes from bitter melon, you need to acquire its taste. While making this juice at home, you can add other vegetables and fruits for reducing its bitter flavor.

While extensive research is needed on the health benefits of bitter melon juice, it can offer various key nutrients. This juice optimizes your health when you consume it in moderation. Now, make yourself bitter melon smoothie at home and enjoy its health benefits. If you still have queries, post them in the comment section below.

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