Enjoy The Goodness Of The Delicious Hazelnut Milk With The Best Recipes!

Hazelnut milk is gaining popularity among health-conscious and dairy intolerant people fast because of its unique qualities and vast health benefits. As compared to regular animal milk, nut milk is slightly difficult to procure and also a bit more expensive due to the intricacies involved in their preparation. These reasons either deter them from consuming them or look for ways to make them at home.

This is exactly why we have got you the best hazelnut milk recipe and all the experiments that you can do with it so that you can get the best of the amazing hazelnuts.


hazelnut milk

The milk that can be derived from the hazelnuts is another great milk option under the category of plant-based milk derivatives. You can choose the hazelnut milk too if you want to go vegan as that includes the removal of dairy products from the diet. Even though this particular nut milk isn’t as popular or common as any other nut milk, it is undoubtedly tastier and healthier than all of them.

Three major characteristics that define the milk derived from hazelnuts are:

  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Soy-free

This means that it is safe for consumption for any person until one has any severe nut allergy. The

The texture of the hazelnut milk is very rich and creamy due to the fuller composition it has. Even the flavor of the milk is sweeter as compared to the other nut milk like that of almond, cashew, etc. Following are some of the health benefits of hazelnuts:

  • Low calorific content
  • No saturated fats or cholesterol
  • Rich source of essential vitamins like B1, B6, B2, and E
  • Presence of antioxidant properties
  • Good for boosting the health of heart, hair, blood, etc.
  • Good at prevention of various health risks like cancer, cardiovascular, anemia, etc.
  • Promote better blood circulation in the body

Advantages of making hazelnut milk at home

The primary reason why many people chose to make this milk by themselves at their homes is that hazelnut milk can be gotten from the stores only for a higher price. This is why people either choose to use this milk only for special occasions or prepare them in their kitchens.

There are many benefits of making milk from the hazelnuts at home:

  • You can have as much milk as you want according to the need. The recipes can also be modified in various ways if you are looking to make different dishes with the milk or simply want to have flavorful milk.
  • The milk that you make at home is free of any preservatives and you can ensure that all the ingredients being used are organic and of the best quality.
  • Homemade nut milk is a better option to avoid all the chances of consuming a dairy product. You can ensure that it is 100% vegan as the ingredients will be of your choice.
  • The nut content of the homemade milk will be higher than the market bought milk as it is completely unadulterated and made under your supervision.
  • The milk is completely clean as the factory manufactured may get some unwanted elements mixed into it while being processed. This can be avoided when the milk is made in clean utensils and carefully at home.

The basic recipe for preparing milk from hazelnuts

hazelnut milk

If you have been looking to make this nut milk a part of your regular diet but have been hesitant due to the high prices, making it at home all by you is a great idea. Also, if you think that the process is going to be tedious, then you are wrong. The DIY hazelnut milk recipe is delightfully fun and you will have freshly prepared milk at the end of it.

The process is simple enough and relatively similar to the recipes of preparation of various nut milk.

Here are the only two ingredients that you need:

  • Hazelnuts, organic preferably
  • Water, cold preferably

Now follow these steps:

  • You have to begin with softened hazelnuts and they can be turned so by soaking them in water. Take some cold water and soak the hazelnuts into it or just soak them in normal water and keep the bowl inside your fridge. Don’t forget to cover the container of hazelnuts with a lid.
  • Leave the nuts just like that for at least 8 hours or it will be better if you soak them overnight.
  • Check if they have become tender enough after the soaking and rinse them thoroughly.
  • Now, put these nuts into a blender along with some water enough to make a paste. Turn on the blender and keep blending the mixture until you get a paste of balanced consistency. The paste must be white and the nuts should be finely grounded without any lumps.
  • Arrange a fine sieve with the coffee filter lining, cheesecloth, or a nut bag, whatever gets easily available with you.
  • Put the pulp in whatever medium you chose at the above step and then drain the mixture thoroughly. You can take the help of a spoon or a spatula to stir the pulp continuously to drain it or keep pressing the cloth/bag to force the milk out. If the mixture is a lot, then do this step by dividing the nut pulp into batches.

The hazelnut milk is ready. You can store it in air-tight mason jars and keep it inside the fridge where they will remain good for consumption till the next 3 days at best.

Modifications to the basic hazelnut milk recipe

Like we said above, this nut milk can be modified in a variety of ways by adding different ingredients to it simply during the process of blending or later when the milk is prepared.

Here is a list of the various modifications you can make to the recipe:

With vanilla- You can add a vanilla bean or some vanilla essence to the hazelnuts before blending them and get flavored milk as the final product. The smell and flavor of this milk will be a little enhanced.

With Medjool dates- You can also add some Medjool dates, around three to six, to the blender and then strain the mix normally. The result will be sweetened milk from the nuts.

With chocolate or Nutella powder- Chocolate milk is a favorite of almost everybody and this is why you can try adding some cocoa powder any sweetener of your choice to the milk for getting delicious Nutella flavored milk.

With cinnamon powder- If you like to do experiments with nut milk, then spicy is a unique flavor to try and you can add condiments like cinnamon powder to your hazelnut milk for getting a drink like the chai latte.

With syrups- There comes a variety of sweetening syrups that you can add to the milk after it's prepared that include maple syrup, honey, agave syrup, coconut milk, etc.

The key to adding all these modifying ingredients to your nut milk is to understand the level of taste change you want and also maybe look for the recipes beforehand. Make sure to add the ingredients in the desired and right amount as any overdue will end up rendering all of your milk unfit for consumption along with putting to waste all your preparation efforts.

You can even try roasting the hazelnuts first and then making the milk out of them. For that, you can simply crack open the shells of the nuts and then roast them in an oven at 180 degrees Celsius for around 15 minutes. The milk of roasted hazelnuts tastes exclusively richer and smells amazing.


This was all about the goodness of hazelnut milk and how to prepare it most efficiently so that you get the most enriched and safely prepared milk. Choose your favorite flavor for the nut milk and you will have a hazelnut milk recipe ready for it as there is a huge scope for modifications.

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