Cabbage Juice For Ulcers: Learn Cabbage Juice Recipes Here

Cabbage juice is a healthy drink to start your day. One can consume this juice with food at all times. This juice has been used for the culinary and medical purposes for many years. It is a great source of vitamin C, amino acid glutamine, and riboflavin. Several studies have shown that cabbage assists in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and even in preventing cancer.

This juice may not sound like the most delicious drink in the world, but it features various health benefits. Plus, it is a potent medicine for ulcers. Cabbage juice is known for preventing diseases of the ulcers, gastritis, and stomach. You may not know this but this vegetable is a powerhouse of minerals, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory properties. This juice has a very long history of treating digestive problems, especially inflammation and ulcers. So, you should try cabbage juice for ulcers, H Pylori, and gastritis.


Benefits of Drinking Cabbage Juice

While various studies support the health benefits of cabbage, fewer of them have investigated the effects of drinking cabbage juice. It has been shown that there are several benefits of consuming cabbage juice.Some of them are listed below:

cabbage juice for ulcers

Cabbage juice contains antioxidants

Cabbage juice contains antioxidants, which help in reducing cell damage instigated by free radicals. In our body, a buildup of free radicals may lead to inflammation and various diseases. Cabbage is high particularly in vitamin C, which plays various significant roles. Vitamin C acts as a great antioxidant and supports our immune health.

Red cabbage is full of anthocyanins, which are the plant pigments that offer it a reddish-purple color. This cabbage features powerful antioxidant properties. Diets rich in anthocyanins provide many benefits, such as reducing the possibility of heart diseases. In addition, several antioxidants that you find in cabbage juice may even have anti-cancer properties.

Cabbage juice combats inflammation

This juice comprises various compounds that help in combating inflammation. These anti-inflammatory compounds include sulforaphane and kaempferol. Here, sulforaphane is a sulfur compound that you find in various Brassica vegetables and Kaempferol is a potent antioxidant having anti-inflammatory effects. Cabbage juice even has anti-inflammatory effects on skin health and in spleen cells.

Cabbage juice benefits gut health

Consuming cabbage juice may assist in preventing and treating stomach ulcers. This juice has been employed as a conventional remedy for ulcers. That’s why cabbage juice is treated as an effective solution. Studies show that cabbage juice significantly improves the healing of ulcers and inhibits ulcer formation.

Plus, fermented cabbage juice versions may improve gut health. The juice made from sauerkraut is usually high in lactic acid bacteria, where sauerkraut is a kind of fermented cabbage. These probiotics benefit your gut health.

Other benefits

Consuming cabbage juice may have various other health benefits, which include:

  • Features anticancer effects: The juice might protect against several cancers. When you consume more than 5 servings of cruciferous vegetables like cabbage weekly, it reduces 33% chances of having lymphoma cancer in women.
  • Benefits heart health: As per studies, people who consume cabbage juice have low cholesterol than people who do not. Plus, taking in cruciferous vegetables leads to a reduced possibility of heart disease.
  • Helps in absorbing certain nutrients: As cabbage comprises beta carotene, consuming its juice can result in improved absorption of beta carotene than eating whole cabbages.
  • More convenient than eating raw cabbage: Due to the variance in volume, it is easy to have a lot of cabbage in its juice form than eating raw cabbage. Also, juices are easy to carry around with you.

So, these are the benefits that you get from drinking cabbage juice. Now, learn about how to make this healthy drink at home. You can make this juice using either a juicer or a blender. If you are using a blender, then add in more water.

How to Make it 

Like other vegetable juices, it is super easy to make cabbage juice. Before you start making this juice, it is better to clean it. Generally, cabbage is not considered a high-pesticide-loaded crop. However, it is recommended to soak the cabbage in warm water and add some apple cider vinegar to it if possible.

To start off, chop the cabbage’s stem and divide the cabbage into half. Now, slice the half side enough for fitting through the juicer you are using. You can add other vegetables to the cabbage juice. It is suggested to consume carrots, celery, and cabbage juice for enhanced digestive health.

Just like other freshly prepared juices, it is better to consume raw cabbage juice for enjoying various health benefits. However, cabbage juice can be fermented also as it makes a great probiotic. So, here’s how to make cabbage juice for ulcers:

So, it is super easy if you are wondering how to make cabbage juice. All you need is cabbage and water. Firstly, you need to chop the cabbage. Then, put the cabbage and water in a blender. Now, pour the juice in a jar.

If you want to ferment the juice, then let the cabbage juice sit for 72 hours. This fermented juice will assist your digestive health. Plus, you can use a mesh strainer for straining the solid parts if any. Now, enjoy your healthy drink before every meal!

Watch this video to check out the carrot and cabbage juice recipe!

How and When to Consume Cabbage Juice

One should consume freshly prepared cabbage juice (of half a cabbage) several times a day. It is suggested to drink this juice before your meals for treating peptic ulcers. This sounds like a lot of tasks. However, if you are having highly painful ulcers, then juicing would not sound bad if it can bring you some relief.

If you are suffering from gastritis or an ulcer currently, then you should have a glass of cabbage juice before every meal. This could seem like a chore. However, the results are incredible. This juice is a nice pain reliever and helps to heal ulcers a bit faster.

If you are drinking cabbage juice to prevent stomach illnesses, then it is enough to drink a glass every day. It is suggested to go for fermented cabbage juice because of the culture that it features. This fermented juice offers extraordinary health benefits for the digestive system.

Studies have shown that drinking cabbage juice for about seven days is quite effective for treating gastric ulcers. On the other hand, it takes around 42 days with traditional ulcer treatments. So, for people who are consuming this juice as a healing tonic or ulcer preventive, a few days may be a nice regime. Also, it is usually best to combine the cabbage juice with other vegetable juices like celery or carrot juice. Adding celery and carrots is also beneficial for your stomach.


Cabbage is a versatile, delicious, and healthy vegetable that could be a nice addition to your regular diet. Cabbage does not feature a strong flavor. So, it can be added to other foods. It is packed with manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and folate. Having a glass of fresh cabbage juice can offer you a dose of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and gut-health-improving compounds. So, this juice benefits your health in numerous ways.

So, if you are experiencing digestive issues, then cabbage juice can be a cheap method for reducing gastric problems. Now, try cabbage juice for ulcers to get relief! However, if you do not like the idea of juicing cabbage, then it is possible to reap its benefits whether you consume cabbage whole or juiced.

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